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Download Zombie Shooter: Fury of War Mod Apk 1.1 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

Introduction Game

Zombie Shooter Fury of War Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Diamonds). Zombie Shooter: Fury of War takes you to an infected city that turns people into zombies. Take up your gun and fight to save yourself, save survivors and humanity.

Live or die, save people or be killed. The apocalyptic virus has spread to this place. Do you want to be a hero to save people, or become prey to zombies? Zombie crowd is coming. Pick up your gun, release fire power to release your rage. Fight for yourself, for your family and friends, fight to save humanity!

Zombie Shooter: Fury of War is one of the attractive zombie shooting games. You need to hunt undead, try to survive and save those who are not infected.

The game has loads of weapons for players to hunt zombies any way they like. Whether you prefer accurate short shots or rain of bullets, you prefer a melee fight or sniper from afar, all of which can be done thanks to the diverse arsenal in the game Zombie Shooter: Fury of War.

At critical times, grenades freeze, time bombs, or players can choose the right equipment to help you escape the dangerous ground. There are a number of elements in the game’s battle environment that can interact by firing, for example, you can kill zombies by shooting into gas tanks or shooting item boxes to receive random rewards.

This terrible virus creates many different types of zombies, some transforming into large monsters while others can move very quickly on the ground. Some zombies can go crazy if you challenge them. Find out their weaknesses and you can kill even the strongest zombies. Defeat zombies, find the boss, then receive rewards and buy more powerful weapons.

rrr5UPN - Zombie Shooter: Fury of War 1.1 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)Zombie Shooter Fury of War Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Free FPS game
  • Exciting and exquisite game graphics
  • Different kinds of guns and equipment
  • Can switch the scope mode as you wish
  • Exciting zombie boss fight

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Reviews Of Game

Tad Baker: I just purchased the AWN Rifle but it didn’t give it to me. Every time I go to make sure the purchase when through, it say i own this item. So since I own it! Where is it?? Why doesn’t it show up on my inventory???

Jay Peterson: It’s new to me but I like it so far! Zombies and Vampires should have gone the way of Cajun cooking by now, but Charm Tech affirms there’s still nothing better to shred with gunfire than the undead.

Hu Gibbett: Great game love the character commentary he makes when you do headshots and barrel kills! Great fun, with he at abilities for different weapons 5*