Zombie Objective Mod Apk

Download Zombie Objective Mod Apk 1.0.9 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Zombie Objective APK for Android was developed by Killer Bean Studios. An action shooting game facing the zombie pandemic and mission to protect the zombie city infected with bacteria.

Humans are turned into walking and dangerous zombies, be the hero to defend your city by fighting and destroying zombies

The game is also fast-paced, players are free to move while shooting, 3D graphics with vivid realism.

Experience Zombie Objective with 7 beautiful graphic locations, each with its own challenge.

Requires you to have good combat tactics to survive, equipped with 21 modern guns such as small guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, long guns, heavy machine guns and many other weapons

Zombie Objective for Android is an action shooting game to destroy ferocious and bloodthirsty zombies in a city. Try to kill them to stop the destruction and protect the survivors in the city.

q6dF3MJ - Zombie Objective 1.0.9 (Unlimited Money)Zombie Objective APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • 7 large locations with stunning 3D graphics. Each map presents unique challenges, and requires different tactical strategies. Choose between easy, hard, or killer missions.
  • 7 Modes of Gameplay: Sniper, Defend, Gather, Protect, Survival, Attack, and Boss Battles.
  • 12+ Zombie Types: Shufflers, Fast movers, Spitters, Smoking Zombies, Fire Zombies, Vicious Dogs, Rage Zombies, Armored Zombies, Mutant Zombies, Exploding Zombies, Bosses and more.
  • 21 modern and futuristic Guns: Small guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, long guns, and heavy machine guns.
  • Melee weapons: Crowbar, hunting knife, machete, bloody axe, deadly katana, dragon sword, and the awesome laser sword.
  • Armor and shoes to protect you and help you outrun the zombies on your missions.
  • Powerful equipment and Boosters: Grenades, land mines, holograms, slow motion device, medkits and power ups.
  • Controls: Autofire for the casual gamer or manual shooting for the FPS gamer. 180 degree turn button for quick reaction. Virtual analog stick for full movement.
  • LANGUAGES: English, 한국어, Русский, 日本語, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, ไทย, Português, Français, Italiano, Filipino, Español.

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Reviews Of Game

Alucard MlBB: I really love this game. I recommend this game to everyone according to my suggestion. You can add some features like online multiplayer like infection mode survival mode. Mode pvp and add some controls like crouching and jumping. Add some achivement parts where we can get some gold rewards. Which we can use to buy items like health kit grenades, etc. This game looks great, good luck to the developer team. I hope you will improve this game more than this game has a lot of information.

Mariah Rudolph: I like it because everything is so much cheaper. And you get a good gun and everything costs a lot less. I just got a sniper rifle for 15.00. Wanting people to download it just downloading it will just be a blast unless it doesn’t download. But anyway, the game is really interesting. And I’m going to play it and it’s awesome I really want someone to play Keep It Up Developers. I love you the game doesn’t stop.

Nick Lee: Excellent game with nice graphics, gameplay, weapons, zombie variations. But easily from the first levels can kill them with melee weapons, machetes etc. The later levels are difficult but entertaining!

Teddy Kariuki: I really like this game! Great. That is why I give 5 star rating. But it’s very difficult when you are at a high level. You need to buy a powerful weapon. But great, I love playing this game.

Leti Men: The first time I downloaded this game was five years ago. Over the years I still play this game, even when I see high level of difficulty. I keep fighting the zombies. thnx for this game.