Publisher Deca Games,
Latest Version 1.30.25
Size 77MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On June 27, 2022
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Zombie Catchers Introduction

Get the MOD APK version Zombie Catchers (Unlimited Money), ready to join us in the hunt for the century. Zombie is a favorite topic for filmmakers and game developers. They used to be humans, but because of a virus, they fell into a “half-dead, half-alive” state, meaning that the body can still function normally but has lost consciousness. Zombies have one purpose: to eat live creatures and spread disease by biting them. Of all the games or movies that I know, zombies don’t fear anything. They will rush to the prey when they feel attracted, and don’t care about the surrounding.

Have you ever considered anything that could give you a zombie-like feeling? It is the main character in Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – the extremely fun game of the publisher Two Man and a Dog and developed by a game studio in Finnish.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk - Gameplay ScreenshotZombie Catchers APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Zombie hunter

The game’s story is very bizarre and insane. If zombies in Stupid Zombies are called dull zombies, then I can call zombies in Zombie Catchers as cowardly zombies. Humans are at risk of permanent extermination because of the zombie epidemic. We have the help of other planets. A.J and Bud – two galaxy entrepreneurs plan to catch zombies on Earth. Their purpose is to make money, not save humanity. How do they do it? They use zombies for making zombie juices, which are a favourite alien drink.

Hunting season is upon us!

Zombies have eaten too many human brains, now is the time to “eat” them. Contrary to the usual fear of zombies, when they see the main characters in the game, the zombies feel scared and seek out a way to escape.

You can choose to play as A.J. or Bud in this game. You must catch all zombies on each level. Then you can move to the next level. This game’s gameplay is very similar to puzzle games. Your goal is to solve the problem fast. First, lure them out of their hiding places with brains. After you have captured a zombie, they must be tied up and taken into the air by a balloon. Then, your colleague will drive the spaceship in and grab them. You can buy some other devices like nets, electric guns, anesthesia guns, traps, bombs, … when you have more money. There are many different types of zombies, but that doesn’t affect your strategy.

Hunting season is upon us!

Be on the lookout for zombies with weapons!

Zombies can throw rocks or sticks at you and paralyze you for a short time. You can catch this type of zombie by hiding in a safe place.

Hide before catching zombies

Zombie Catchers APK zombies are very sensitive and can sense your presence from a distance. You can quickly hide behind large rocks or trees after you have dropped the brains. They will not eat the brain if they find out you are there.

Get rid of any animals that are blocking your way

Some levels have a lot of obstructing wildlife like bats or snakes. For a few seconds, they will paralyze you if you touch their skin. I recommend that you immediately clean them up using your spear or gun. This will allow you to catch zombies quickly and also gives you coins.

It’s essential to upgrade weapons

Hide before catching zombies

Plutonium, the premium currency in the game, is called “premium money”. Although it is difficult to earn this currency, you should use it to buy weapons and upgrade your weapons. Our Zombie Catchers MOD APP gives you unlimited money to unlock and upgrade anything you wish. To unlock each weapon, you must have the appropriate level.

Game Features

  • Use your trusty harpoon gun to hunt down zombies and use sneaky traps to do it!
  • Find out how to unlock exciting hunting gadgets like nets, weapons and guns, traps, jetpacks, and more to help you catch zombies!
  • You can make delicious juices, candies and cuisines with your zombies. Then, sell them to hungry customers.
  • You can build a successful food business by creating delicious new recipes and improving your production lines in order to maximize profit.
  • Find new places on the map to find zombies and collect them for lucrative food products.
  • Send your drones all over the globe to capture amazing zombies!
  • Catch boss zombies with your harpoon and take them to your flying ship!
  • You can reach the top of the catch hunting ranks for more plutonium as well as exclusive costumes and outfits!
  • Grow your underground laboratory.
  • Enjoy fun daily challenges and get amazing rewards
  • Play offline, no internet connection required!

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MOD APK versions of Zombie Catchers

  • All Levels Unlocked (updating)
  • Unlimited Plutonium And Everything (updating)
  • Unlimited Money (version 1.30.2)

Zombie Catchers Reviews

Riya Vaid:This is a great game for all ages. Zombie Catchers MOD is great. You should download it. It has the perfect background music and sounds. The game is perfect. It has no adds. Thanks for creating this game. I like zombies. This is a great game. Everyone should get this game

Danny Lightfoot: The game is awesome, but there’s one problem. Some of the zombies are smart and can hit and run. Also, it’s recommended to add multi-player mode.

Monir Razu: This is one of the most fascinating games I have ever played. We should have real guns. Please reduce the amount of plotinium needed to capture bosses. You should also add more interesting places, like you did before. You guys get 5 stars.

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