ZigZag Mod Apk

ZigZag Mod Apk 1.33 (Unlimited Gems)

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    Unlimited Gems
  • Platforms
    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

ZigZag Mod APK (Unlimited Gems) latest version free download for Android. This is a fun game but it works to train the mind very well. This game attracted more than 10 million downloads and was rated as one of the game “very inhibited”.

ZigZag is a product of the game developer Ketchapp and completely free for users. This game promises to bring players moments of entertainment very comfortable and stress relief very effectively but no less “brain damage”. Because the challenges in ZigZag are not merely for relaxation, players also have to use their ability to judge and logical thinking in order to win.

ZigZag has very simple gameplay: players need only touch the screen to change the direction of the ball. No need for instructions or assistance, you can fully grasp its rules. ZigZag also owns a fairly simple interface, graphics at a gentle level. The game screen is merely a black ball rolling on a box designed with blue, but the image is quite sharp, the sound is gentle and the moves are very definitive, helping players have a smoother experience.

ZigZag Mod APKZigZag Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Intuitive, good looking graphic design
  • Simple and easy gameplay
  • Train your patience and agility in all actions
  • Can be shared online for everyone to see

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Reivews Of Game

Winner Winner: The game is perfect 4 passing time on the toilet or when your bored. When my head hurts, i play this game 2 cool it down with the little clink noises r healing 2 me. And also, i dont care about the ads. I dont get pissed off by them. I actually use 2 play this game on my dad’s phone ever since i was in grade 6 and i loved it. Soon as i got my own, i downloaded this immediately. Its a good game. Keep up the work guys

Michael Crossman: This game is one of them ones when u need to figure out how fast you need to move the black ball and to get the diamonds for extra points. Like my highscore was 83 bit I concerntrated hard enough to get my high score to be 121 as that is a massive improvement that I have made there. But if you are extra extra skilled you could get over 200 points to improve your flexibility

Jayden Cleckner: It is a good game.and I recommend you get this game. And I like the different styles you can get.and I love this game.it is amazing.it is so much fun I got my Mom to play. My mom even recommended this game is great. She even recommended it 5 stars

Gacha Cookie Bear: it is so fun . And challenging for one day and already a 5 star it makes me focus on the ball. I love going zag and getting coins . make more updates since I was four I played this game since I was four and It is still the same and make the wall paper change people will love the game