Publisher YoYo Dress Up Games,
Category Casual,
Latest Version 4.2.5
Size 160MB
MOD Features Unlocked All, Unimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On August 6, 2022
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YOYO Doll Introduction

YOYO Doll MOD APK – You must play YOYO Doll, which has many dolls as well as a variety of clothes and accessories. You will only be a stylist and not distracted by minigames.

A game for fashion lovers

Have you ever had a lovely childhood with a collection of dolls lined up on shelves, and the range of clothes and accessories serving these dolls was so much that you couldn’t count for hours? Are you a fashion lover, a lover of beauty and a curious learner about the rich world of fashion? Sometimes, children just need to have fun with colors and shapes. Why wait to download YOYO Doll and give it a try?


YOYO DOLL MOD APK is an app for mobile girls who love fashion. The game allows you to create a doll and express your interests by selecting every detail. The final appearance of the main character is created by assembling everything.

You have a huge task ahead of you. You will become the stylist for the doll after creating your character. On the screen, you will see the relevant events and requests. Select the appropriate outfits and accessories, then combine them to make a fashionable look that fits the requirements and context of the event.

There are hundreds of costumes to choose from, and you can explore the entire world of clothing. Pants, tops, dresses, traditional clothes, coats, skirts, exercise clothes, seasonal outfits, outfits for styles… The more you play, the more suitable outfits you can create, the higher your score will be. This will give you more chances to purchase new items and enrich your vast wardrobe.

Fashion in YOYO also has a very broad connotation. Fashion does not only refer to clothes. There are many accessories, bags, shoes and other items that can be added to the doll. Take them out and match them. Then, share the images on social media. This is a fun and addictive process for girls. As soon as you complete your character’s shape, you will be generously assigned a dinosaur-sized wardrobe. There are a lot of clothes, hair accessories, shoes, bags, glasses, hats… This wardrobe holds all the styles available on the market: Pure, gentle, feminine princess, sexy, active sports, elegant office wear, gorgeous dresses for important parties.

YOYO-Doll-MOD-APK2YOYO DOLL MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Creativity is everywhere, not just in fashion or accessories.

YOYO Doll also allows you to change the background and take photos. Set up props like toys, pets, or home decorations. Take whatever you like, add stickers, dialogue and other beautiful effects to make it your best.

YOYO Doll also promotes players with many characters. You must spin the Gacha Wheel to obtain these unique dolls. These characters are more unique and beautiful than the ones that you made and played with.

Graphics and colors

These two aspects of YOYO Doll will not be overlooked. It is subtle, precise, and you will not regret it once you have played it. All dolls, even those obtained from the gacha wheels, are drawn in anime style. Each doll has a unique personality and features.

The game colors are bright, cheerful and gentle. They also have lovely pastel colors. The costumes can also be mixed and matched very easily. I must confess that I seemed to die in that beauty…


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Main Features

  • All free: All games are completely free
  • Selecting characters: Choose the boy/girl you need based on your preferences!
  • Modify your style: You have many options for hairstyles and skin colors.
  • Scene creation: Once you have created the dollify character, choose the background that best suits the style of your doll.
  • Dynamic characters: Different shapes and backgrounds with various interesting actions!
  • Scenario simulation: Give full play to your imagination and creativity, 💕Imagine your plot, become a image writer !
  • You can unlock the Gacha: You will find more Gachas with girly hearts in the game, and you can unlock more outfits together.

Style selection – be a character maker!

  • Many customization options! You can customize the doll’s clothing, hair, and color scheme. Everything can be customized to make it your doll’s personal style.

YOYO Doll Reviews

Angela Spence: Although I’ve seen and read reviews on dress-up games and gacha and stuff, I do own the gacha apps. The ads can sometimes become too distracting and appear out of nowhere. But aside from that it offers more options for clothing and is appropriate for all ages.

Torjanae: First of all, I love this app! It’s great and easy to use the menus. It reminds me of Gacha Life, but with more potential. It is important to see the ads for products at the beginning. While the ads are sometimes a little too long, they offer many other methods to get items. There are many more options than Gacha Life or similar. I hope to see even more amazing things in the future. 5 stars

Bukola Buhari: This game is amazing! This game is amazing!!

Carlos Velazquez: All I want to say is that this game is amazing! Although it may have many ads, you can turn off your wifi if you don’t wish to see them. This game is awesome! Watch an ad to unlock more clothing. I like to watch ads. The best part is that you don’t have to buy new clothes to unlock them.

Download YOYO Doll: Dress up games APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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