Publisher Maxim Karpenko,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 0.14.0
Size 73MB
MOD Features No
Requirements 5.0+
Updated On June 27, 2022
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WorldBox Introduction

Have you ever wished to become a god to restructure and rebuild the world the way you want it? Your chance that has come when WorldBox gives you the power of God. You can build and destroy everything you want. Everything is in your hands. Or more interesting, create something unreasonable (such as dropping the Orcs into the area of the Elf) and see what happens.

WorldBox  APK – Gameplay Screenshot

All your power is listed in the table at the bottom of the screen. You need to pay attention to some of their capabilities, including saving and loading an existing world, creating a new world, setting up rules for the world. Once you know these things, you can start the game without any tutorials from the system.

With a tiny piece of land available, you begin to develop the life of creatures. This is done by capabilities in Civilization. Creating a village or a kingdom is simple and fast, done with just one click. However, you do not really want to let people live and grow in peace, make them a little difficult. Do not hesitate to drop dragons, monsters or natural disasters from nature. Quickly, human survival ability will be verified. Because if they cannot overcome the dangers that exist in nature or the laws of the world, they will be pushed to the brink of extinction.

As a God, you not only have the ability to create life but also have the ability to destroy anything you want. At the destructive power tab, there are many ways to accomplish this. You can use TNT, a highly explosive form, exploding and burning on contact with the ground. Besides, you can use mines, atomic bombs, meteorite pieces or infinity coins to eliminate half of the living creatures in the world, similar to what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War.

Main Features

  • Automate the predictable in WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator and transform your gameplay with Macros.
  • Get access to inventive Macros in the BlueStacks Macro Community
  • WorldBox is a free god and simulation Sandbox game.

WorldBox  Reviews

Luka Christensen: Amazing game! I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, lol even sounding like a fake robot rating, but it’s actually just a good game, one thing that would add alot is the ability to manually edit traits of people/animals, I know you can with mods on PC, but I’m on mobile so it would be awesome as a built in feature; YAY!!! they added it!

Bruce: One of the best sandbox simulators I’ve played, and it’s on mobile. I rarely pay for mobile apps but the all inclusive paid version is worth it. Content is added quickly enough and has enough substance to keep you coming back. Being able to watch kingdoms rise and fall without having to press a button is one of my favorite aspects. Would recommend to anyone who likes world simulators.

Robbie Mains: Dear Karpenko, I love your game! It’s mindless fun. However, I am always experiencing an issue with game that occurs almost everytime. It always force exits me after I play for only a few minutes. I have tried clearing storage, but it hasn’t worked. My phone has also restarted more than a few times after I installed the game. Any recommendations for the issue?

Download WorldBox APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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