Publisher Kiwiwalks,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 2.7
Size 833M
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On December 7, 2021
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WitchSpring4 Introduction

Download WitchSpring4 APK and you will become the ultimate witch in the colorful magical world.

WitchSpring4-1WitchSpring4 APK – Gameplay Screenshot


WitchSpring4 MOD APK plot is more complex than any of the other sections. This game was rated by many players as the best content game. You will play the role of Moccamori, a queen who rules over Urphean. Moccamori, along with her servants, conquer all the magical cities of Urphean. She must have the power to defeat her royal enemies. Their goal is the rule of the witch world.
The plot of this part will be more complex and have more mysteries to solve. A large map will be available and you’ll have more time to explore the area in one day. This will make your energy more efficient than the parts before.

WitchSpring4 Gameplay

There are not many changes to WitchSpring4 MOD APK gameplay compared with the previous ones. This is because the gameplay is one reason why the game has attracted millions of players across the globe. It is easy to understand the gameplay. This is a turn-based fighting game, each turn you will choose the move your character such as attacking, defence, using skills, … With this simple gameplay, you can completely adapt quickly, even if you’re a newbie.

Make yourself the strongest witch

The queen’s path is full of dangers. As you transform into the little princess and his servants, the vast world will open up to you. She also dreams of becoming the greatest witch. It is you that will help her fulfill this dream. You will teach her magic, practice, and help her become stronger.

WitchSpring4 allows you to do activities with your character to increase your strength. You can also collect new medicine and magic materials during your adventures. Not only that, every day you can control the character exercising, sleeping, eating, … All this you can do in the royal room of the queen, a large room with full facilities.
Additionally, your valet can help you learn many types of magic in a room with magic books. You can also have your valet help you improve your magic and learn new tricks. Along the way, you’ll meet other talented witches. You can achieve your goals and rule the world if you work hard.

WitchSpring4 Graphics

WitchSpring4’s graphics are upgraded a lot when compared to the previous parts. Although it uses Unity graphics, graphics in this fourth section are very high-rated. The music is also more thoughtfully invested, with more music tracks to help you on your journey.

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Main Features

  • This Little Queen, called a Witch, rules over the Ürphean continent.
  • She works hard to conquer all continents.
  • She may also go on explorations alone.
  • The items she makes enhance her abilities.
  • Moccamori gains more power, and the Warriors respond harder.
  • To face many dangers that make her feel disgraced
  • Moccamori will realize her dream.
  • She commands her minions to gather magic ingredients.

WitchSpring4 Reviews

Teo Jing Yang: A very entertaining and wonderful game. The graphics are amazing, the characters are adorable, and the storyline is very interesting. The background music was well-designed. Although it’s difficult at first to navigate the crafting menu, this won’t be an issue for me in the future.

Sarah Cywink: This series of games is absolutely amazing. Each game has its own storyline, but you will see that there are many similarities. All right, I have all four of these series, and the evolution from the first to the last is incredible! I don’t think it is important to share anything…

Muhamad Hashibi: I had reviewed it in February 2020. It had problems with both the joypad control as well as the grammars used in the storyline. It continues to do so as of this writing, It was still installed and I wanted to test it again. I was pleasantly surprised by the many changes made to the game, which allowed me to enjoy my time.

Selrac: I love the game and the story. It’s worth every penny and I’m excited to see what they do with spring 5.

Download WitchSpring4 APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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