Publisher Social Quantum Ltd,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 34.5
Size 39MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.1+
Updated On December 24, 2021
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Wild West: New Frontier Introduction

Wild West: New Frontier APK is an online farm game. It will take players to the wild west, where they can create their own farms. It’s a completely different experience than other farm games. In just 10 minutes, you can start your own farm.

Don’t be tired, get on the farm

You will need to grow different crops, just like any other farm game. To harvest valuable crops. To get valuable crops like milk, eggs and meat, you should also have chicken coops, cowsties, and pigsties.

Wild-West-New-Frontier-APK1Wild West: New Frontier APK – Gameplay Screenshot

You can create delicious dishes and food from the harvest and then sell it to others who want to make a profit. You will need to master many different recipes. To become a famous and wealthy farmer in the wild west, you will need to spend a lot.

Any other questions?

Wild West: New Frontier APK also offers the opportunity to decorate your farm with beautiful items. This will make your farm a tranquil haven.

Not only is the gameplay amazing, but the 3D graphics in Wild West are also stunning. You can view your farm from any angle. You’ll be happy when you use bright colors and add fun details. Graphics are a lively and vibrant background soundtrack that is suitable for relaxing after a long day.


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Main Fetures

From a farm to the town!

Expand your borders and build a school and a theater, saloon and hospital, or a city hall. Trade with other cities, increase your population, and build your city of dreams! Are you a capable mayor?

Virtual animals can be raised

Fill your farm zoo first with cows and pork, then add more animals as you go: sheeps, goats, geese and so on. You don’t have to forget your pets! There are dogs, cats, kittens and even bunnies in your farm zoo.

Farm workshops can be built

So, now you have a lot of resources – it’s the perfect time to start the production process. You can create various useful goods and products by building farm workshops, such as the Dairy, Summer Kitchen and Grill, Stove, Stove, Coffee Bar and many more. Rebuild your dock to unlock an island where you can participate in the fishing mini-game and discover hidden treasures! You can level up to obtain more supplies and become rich!

Train to send your goods

You can build a railway platform that will send trains to farms owned by other players. Fill your trains with the goods and you’ll earn valuable experience and a reward. There are still plenty of goods available – you can complete the tasks listed on the order board and move up to the next level more quickly!

Get involved in the neighborhood races

Wild West is where brave players can play fast-paced farm games. Take part in the Neighborhood Race’s Hay Day to prove that your farming family is the best west. To win the greatest prizes, earn high scores and hightail your way through the farm games. Wild West has a wealth of farming games. Get started today as a farmer! Enjoy a delightful simulation of ranching!

Wild West: New Frontier Reviews

Chrissa Revering: I truly enjoyed the previous version & played it daily. I like the new buildings & houses, making it a town. I wish there were more people. My biggest wish is that it was easier to get supplies to complete buildings – like from expanding land, cutting down trees & having the ability to buy/sell/trade. I really dislike how difficult it is to get the building expansion items & that you have to trade those for tools to expand other buildings – we should be able to make these from the mine.

Diana Espinoza: This is a great game to play casually. There is no pressure to participate in tournaments unless one joins. I wish that materials for buildings could be found in other places than the one you have now. Also, there was an option not to collect goods and make more until you need them. A choice of avatars would be nice. I also discovered that I accidentally bought 2 cat houses and there is no way to delete them. It is amazing that you can trade goods for coins.

Doe Harden: Hi! Hi! It has many things I like. You can make things, cook, and sell them. Also, you will be able meet other players on the game. These are some of my favorite things.

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