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Requirements 4.4+
Updated On December 10, 2022
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Wheelie Life 2 Introduction

Wheelie Life 2 is the movement of bringing the front wheel of a racing motorcycle. To do this, the racer needs to take advantage of the strong thrust of the engine or use the clutch, use the rear wheel as a pillar to stick on the ground, and at the same time jerk the front wheel to make it rise high off the track. Riders, essentially, use wheelies to overcome obstacles in rough terrain.

Wheelie Life 2 MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The reason is because of the high feeling of excitement that it brings. It is a state of complete mastery of the vehicle, mastering the vehicle in your hand in every state. Wheelie is also a technique to help racers practice good balance on racing motorcycles, which greatly complements other racing techniques on the track. Just like how to perform Wheelie maneuvers in real life, the game puts the player on a racing motorcycle, and begins to perform a motorcycle race on long-term tracks.

If the motorcycle doesn’t have enough momentum, you won’t be able to create spectacular Wheelie scenes, sometimes failing at the first step. If the clutch is not stable enough, the wheel before trying to lift will drop down very quickly, not enough for you to do any more technique. The hardest part in the technical part is probably keeping the balance when the front wheel hits the ground. With the intervention of real physics, you will be wobbly, being bounced by gravity, difficult to ensure the required compaction to keep the motorcycle steady on the track. Motorcycles are easy to flip and fall most easily at this time.

Main Features

  • Real physics.
  • Different bike paints.
  • Online mode.
  • Freestyle mode.
  • Easy to control.
  • Do wheelies and incredible tricks.

Kledjon 100: I realy love this game, but i think there are some thing that should be fixed in te next update, and thing that i would like to be in the game:when you hold the wheelie Button and the turning or any other button, the bike will do a 360°,i would like other bikes that you can enjoy for free,i also would like other maps,i would like some hand movement hen you press the break the finger in the game should move the same for gas when you press the gas the hand should move like real life

AJ OTB: This is MX Bikes for mobile, the game is good even tho it just came out so im not gonna blame it too much first thing is that it has so many ads wich i understand but if i paid for joining a random room just quit the ads (idk why should i pay to play with random people) the game needs graphic options ASAP, more bikes, better sounds, 3rd person view and tbh mod support would be nice, apart from that the game is really cool

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