Publisher LilithGames,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 4.30.33
Size 1GB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On May 12, 2022
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Warpath Introduction

Warpath APK – Commanders, strategize for the decisive Battle on the Normandy Coast. Your army is being targeted by tanks, fighters, and a range of heavy weapons. What can you do to reduce casualties?


The Warpath opens with a desecrated scene on the battlefield. From the corpses, stench odors rose. Meanwhile, the dictator’s army is still active, performing the process of training and brainwashing. The dictatorship instilled the belief that only the strong are worthy of survival. They will have to fight for the elimination of the weak. These harsh laws also apply to many soldiers who once served as loyal warriors. They are determined to fight the dictators.


Your own army and tactics

It’s been a while since I introduced an RTS game. Warpath fulfills all the criteria for a typical RTS game.

Warpath’s gameplay is built quite in detail. You can build barracks and develop technology to make weapons.

The game features many different armies. You can get infantry, artillery, air force, tanks, tank destroyers, missiles,… The army that you bring to the battlefield will be assembled from these available components. These components have distinctive characteristics that will give you an advantage over your enemy. You should learn this, learn about the enemy’s war tactics to set the best strategy. To be prepared for war on the global battlefield, load ammunition and arrange military units.

Modify units while on the battlefield

There are more than 100 types to choose from in Warpath. Other units, such as the ones I have already mentioned, require that you complete quests or achieve achievements to unlock them.

Warpath APK is an RTS game. Its gameplay is heavily influenced by tactical elements. But tactics aren’t the only thing that can affect the outcome of any battle. It is important to have strength. Warpath has a lot of customization. You can assemble, disassemble or modify weapons and even upgrade them. Your firepower will be more destructive on the battlefield. You can also increase the size of your units after each battle. These operations can take a lot of money and resources, but you’ll soon have more resources if you win.


Alliance or enemy?

You can also refresh the game and join the large battlefield by joining the real community. There are two options. You can first become an ally to another army and attack the enemy together. Then, you can capture the base and expand your territory. This is a great way to unite forces and create a more intense battle.

Second, fighting with real players. Commanders love fighting and love this activity. This allows players to test their skills and practice their tactics. You can plan to attack your target to steal their most valuable resources and earn accumulation points. This will help you to improve your position on the global leaderboard.

You have a lot of content to look at

Warpath’s content is not only amazing for its gameplay but also for the way it presents the game. New battles have been created based on real events, but from a more realistic perspective. While it might not be as realistic as reality, it still shows the gravity of the wars that have occurred in history. You are the main character in this story, a skilled commander whose goal is to end the darkness and restore peace to the planet.

Warpath-APK3Warpath APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Warpath APK is finally divided into chapters. Each chapter will take a different path. Before you begin exploring a chapter, you can view the entire content. You can also see the dialogues between the chief commanders of army during the combat voyage.

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Main Features

Real-time Strategy

You can plan your attack and engage in epic Real time battles on famous maps.

  • Strategy and skill are key to achieving the top.
  • You can target your enemies and expand your territory by using calculated maneuvers.
  • For more strength and force against hostile targets, you can reign supreme at the front lines.

Military Units that are highly customizable

Max out your loadout!

  • Lock and load the most powerful and dangerous guns, tanks, and aircraft and create an army that is ready to fight on the global battlefield.
  • You can customize your units by disassembling, modifying, and upgrading.
  • You can then test your loadout as you fire on your enemies.

Epic Storyline

Campaigns that are authentically real

  • You can command your troops to traverse urban terrains or rugged terrains in order to defeat your adversaries.
  • Along your Warpath you’ll meet allies who make the missions more dynamic as you complete objectives and move on to more challenging stages.

Stunning Mobile Experience

You can enjoy high-quality HD gaming on your smartphone with amazing graphics and sound.

  • You can feel the excitement of leading war in your hands.
  • Zoom free and teleport with your friends to other cities around the globe.
  • Each chapter is different, with a plot twist and cinematic gameplay. Use the plane to explore the terrain and your advantage.

Warpath Reviews

Music lover 8906: It is the only game that I enjoy. Developers, all my requirements have been met. The only problem I currently have is fighting against higher-level player. This is something I need to address by building my units stronger. Currently I am a 45.7million Power Player. However, it is difficult for me to fight against players that are more powerful than me.

Rob Burden: Different from the rest. NOT a PTW! EVEN IF I SPENT $10, I did not have to. You can’t lose everything in one night and then be forced out of the game. Real-time battles with many foes are a great experience. It’s a great game.

Scotch n Sodas: The best in it’s category. You can excel and have fun for the price of a game to buy and play. Developer care and customer service exceed all expectations! Warpath was a joy to use!

GrenadeCraig96: While the voice acting and characters are kinda silly, overall the game is amazing! This game is great for passing the time with friends.

Barry Holmes: It’s a great game! There is some pay to win, but the game offers many cool tanks and well-designed planes.

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