War Escape Mod Apk

Download War Escape Mod Apk 1.2 (Full Unlocked)

Introduction Game

War Escape APK for Android is a game that seeks to escape the World War 2 underground in the creepy puzzle game genre. Where you train your thinking, try reasoning like Sherlock Holmes.

In War Escape, you will play as a prisoner of war imprisoned in a dirty underground cellar somewhere on continent Europe. And of course, it’s your job to find a way out of this mysterious confinement before it’s too late!

If you love games with horror elements like trying to escape a scary room then War Escape Android is the perfect choice for you. Use your puzzle skills, find hidden objects and carefully weigh the action for your chance to survive in War Escape!

War Escape for Android also owns a pretty creepy and creepy atmosphere. Although not a pure horror genre, the game will also give you a memorable experience.

wheZZll - War Escape 1.2 (Full Unlocked)War Escape APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Find ways to solve lots of creative puzzles.
  • Clues and hints will be scattered all over the room.
  • Great graphics and sound system.
  • Experience creepy and authentic atmosphere.
  • Explore 15 different locations in the mysterious underground tunnel.
  • A free adventure role-playing game.

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Reviews Of Game

Tania Holl: Loves this kind of game (in first person perspective) and feels you are in the room. But as most said at level 8 it won’t let you turn on the lights, please fix.

Kelly Gore: I enjoyed it but then went up to level 8. And the light bulb won’t work. I even came across the ramp to see if I missed anything. Now I cannot move forward. Very frustrating

Kevin Siler: It would be great if you had more free pre-paid “free” games. Instead believe it will be free, but when you are hooked, pay. Won’t see me paying for anything to use that tactic

Michael Campo: Enjoyed this game. It’s smart and fresh. Thank God it works correctly. So very few games can freely brag about the same. Good for your team and Thanks.

Brent Durant: It’s quite interesting. I got stuck in a hospital bed and got ADHD. If I get through the first few stages, I usually do well. I have actually completed the levels in this game.