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Walk Master Mod Apk 1.30 (Unlimited Coins, All Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Walk Master Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins, Money, All Unlocked) latest version free download for Android. Walk Master is a simulation game that controls the walking character quite interesting when you have to take advantage of all the skills of your hands, adjust the travel time accurately to help the character overcome a series of challenges in every screen play. You will show bravery on the stilts with pets, tackling the most difficult tasks.

The game has quite unique content: control your pet to walk continuously, overcome difficult roads, overcome obstacles with a towering stilts. You must use all your ingenuity and flexibility to make the character move safely and securely to the destination. This is an interesting simulator game that you should download to experience, it will definitely be addictive for you.

Walk Master requires players to base details in order to have time accuracy so that your character reaches the finish line at the right time. The game brings challenges and new levels that are updated regularly, collecting 24 unique characters along the way, becoming a pro stilts. The gameplay is simple, accessible but very difficult to master all levels.

Miami Police Chase is also a pretty interesting game, simulating driving to flee the police and confront the bandits, in Miami Police Chase you will play a gangster who performs many robbery missions and must run. Racing to not let the police catch.

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Game Reviews

  • Master the challenging levels
  • More new levels regularly
  • Collect 26 unique characters
  • Precision controls – easy to learn, hard to master!

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Reviews Of Game

JTBomber: Just downloaded, and I love the game so far. The physics are really fun, and the graphics are great as well. But Jesus, Joseph, and all of his carpenter friends…the ads are really freaking annoying. I understand ads in between games and ads to double currency/winnings, but whoever thought ads that interrupt in the middle of a game was a good idea, needs to be shot. It would be a 5 star game without the aggressive ads.

Ioana Alina: I would have given it 5, but, as all the other players said, the problem is that it’s repetitive. It was OK up to level 100 max, kept waiting to receive new levels. Now I’m at level 220 and it’s the same thing repeating. It would be the same thing if it had 100, and I kept replaying those 100 from level 1. So I am uninstalling, I enjoyed it but… Oh and for the stupid generation.. Shut your fkn internet from time to time and you’ll have no ads… You will survive without it I promise.

Mahmoud Bashir: Please fix, In the king of the hill update: i have started to see some issues with how the sticks work. On a steep hill or a ramp when im standing still keep sliding even if i dont touch them. And i have been getting this issue especially in king of the hill where currently my high score is 462 but i think the most difficult part is from 300-400 and not because its supposed to be hard but i think theres a bug in the sticks where they dont stick to the ground properly. This bug wasn’t here before