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Updated On January 14, 2022
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Vanguard ZERO Introduction

The creators and designers of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh game series have launched a new project on Android. Vanguard ZERO APK is the title of this game. This game is also worthy of being ranked among the greatest card games of all times.


Aichi Sentosu seemed to be adamant that he would not go to school in the final years of highschool. He felt it was not for him. However, an incident happened, which led to a turning point for the whole boy’s life. Blaster Blade – Aichi’s childhood passion was stolen by Katsumi Morikawa. Achi meets Toshiki and they fight while following the thief to Card Capital. Achi is able to regain the Blaster Blade, and she discovers her passion. He was confident that he could do better, so he signed up to tournaments.

The Q4 team (Quadrifoglio, four members: Achi, Kai and Misaki Tokura) was established shortly thereafter to attempt to win the national tournament. In the preliminary rounds, they encountered Ren Suzugamori as an obstacle. He is a cruel captain of the team which held the championship for many decades. Has Will Achi’s dream come true?

Vanguard-ZERO-APK-1Vanguard ZERO APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The best Trading Card Game, TCG game!

If you’ve ever experienced Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s not difficult to play Vanguard ZERO APK. It has similar gameplay and features that resemble a card game. You are part of a battle on Ray. Each player represents spirits and can summon units to compete against each other.

The battles are fought in turn. You and your opponent take turns attacking and defense until you lose all cards or cannot call units.

The Vanguard Circle, which allows spirits to summon and place warriors, is situated in the arena’s center. The system will split the cards between each player at the start of a battle and determine who will be the first to attack. The attack is not available in the first turn. Instead, you can only select the cards and then put them on the defense. The attack is not available in the first turn. After that, you can only pick damage cards and support cards.

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Tactical element

Vanguard ZERO APK focuses mainly on exploiting the tactical aspect from the player. They won’t be able win by using cards as a random move. I put my first warrior into a state that allows them to rest. Later, during the G support phase, I summoned my first warrior to receive defensive points. Then, I set up an attack for each of my cards. My team will concentrate on the enemy’s core forces and defeat them. My team will soon be in an irreplaceable hole if they fail to do so.

It is important to be flexible and adapt your strategy to the phase of battle. Rely on your opponent’s moves to decide what you need to do next. While no one can speak for you, being able to watch your opponent play cards in the same direction is a big advantage.

Cards collection

The selection of cards can have a significant impact on your strategy. Every card unlocks a different strategy.

Cards are similar to military units, just like Kingdom Rush. They are very effective when used for the right purpose. There are many variations. You can combine cards to do more damage. You can increase percentage damage, increase defense points for allies, or summon another warrior to make your combo stronger.

Vanguard ZERO APK contains many different types of cards. They are divided by kingdoms, elements, units, and classes. (This division corresponds to the football team’s lineup). When you sign up for this game, you’ll receive 50 cards. You will be rewarded more if you win a tournament, battle or other event.

Amazing graphics

It must have amazing graphics if there is any way to portray the drama in a story. Vanguard ZERO APK is the game I was referring to. The arena was filled with intense fight scenes. The scene looks even more real thanks to professional designers. You will also recognize the conversation between the characters. If you’ve ever seen the original “Cardfight!! Vanguard” anime, you’ll feel like you’re being watched again, but as the main character view.

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Main Features

  • You can play a single-player campaign or take part in PVP battles with the Card Battle RPG!
  • Story Mode that faithfully recreates “Cardfight!”‘s world! Vanguard animation series!
  • PVP Mode optimized using “Vanguard ZERO Rules”, for mobile devices
  • You can create your own room with the “My Room” feature. Your favourite characters will also be able to hang out in your room!
  • Discover the other attractions Vanguard offers!

Vanguard ZERO Review

Matt Scully: This game is fun to play every day! Hit A2 with one deck. I am rolling until the end so I will say it here: Team Genesis! … You should check out the anime. The story and music are both great. The intro is just too catchy! 🙂

Jaidyn Moreland: I love this game, because you can choose gacha. But rank fight is one thing I would focus on. D3 lags a lot when I play it and I don’t feel like I get the triggers and stuff that I need.

Nicholas Morris: While the rules may differ, they are fairly similar. However, it’s easy to grasp the new mechanics. Start with a superdeck coin. I recommend using the Narukami clan as it is the best.

Phillander V: Good, but not outstanding. Good game, fast and balanced. Gacha is kind of generous. Not great, because gacha is not pity.

Only Some Hee Ho with a Mustache: The game works well for what it is. Duel Links is a mobile Yugioh game. The entire size of the game (hand deck field, field, deck) is smaller to allow for short matches and miscellaneous balance changes. Vanguard Zero approaches the problem by simplifying the TCG’s rules and requiring less user input. It is not the same card game as the original.

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