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Download Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod Apk 2019.22 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). In this simulation game, you’re an air traffic controller at a busy airport. The goal is to guide planes safely landing parking and taking off, avoiding collisions between them.

This game is much like the actual operation of a busy airport, but with easy and self-explanatory controls. Is a great hobby that stimulates memory and reasoning.

IFsWsxa - Unmatched Air Traffic Control 2019.22 (Unlimited Money)Unmatched Air Traffic Control Mod Apk

Game Features

Shed and runway are the main places of action. Here is a wide range of models of aircraft. Beginner will have 5 aircraft which are easy to manage available. Unmatched Air Traffic Control cheats download an additional 20 Airbus for a full game. Also on the display you can see other airliners. Their location is determined by the radar and gives them a signal about the nearest airfield. The first 5 quests users pass in one breath. Further, they are more complicated. At the same time you will need to perform 2 actions: take aircraft and send them to the sky. For such tasks it is necessary to display an additional panel for negotiations with the pilot. Unmatched Air Traffic Control cheats will do the job perfectly. Passing the levels the payment increases.

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Reviews Of Game

Riley Oldford: Brilliant game! Probably one of my favorite, only a few issues, but great fun. First of all it is taking me a tremendous amount of time to buy my first gate, the multiplayer is locked behind a pay wall, and I would love if you could add more liveries like the new WestJet 737 or 787 livery, or First Air/Canadian North. Lastly if you could do a control your airport where you could A be able to select from 100s of airports from around the globe, or B letting people create their own airport.

Boobalan Selvam: I was egarly waiting for the update. The second realistic airport (rio de jenerio) airport doesn’t appear to be a realistic one. Pls add more realistic airports with multiple runways, crossing runway. Make the even more realistic like real control of an air traffic. So kindly do consider and add more realistic airports with multiple runways which has to be selected by the air traffic controller. And the game is simply on fire. Good job team. Thank you

Zachary Schultz: I LOVE THIS GAME BUT! Can you please add more liveries. The 737’s dont have the regular Alaska Airlines livery :(( also can you add all of the JetBlue liveries. And can you add Allegiant and SunCountry airlines. Just keep adding airlines with every update please lol there’s too many to list lol. BUT you do need to at MD 80s to the detailed list. And can you add more liveries to the Embraer 195 and 737 900 MAX list. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and Thank You