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Download Two Dots Mod Apk 5.22.0 (Unlimited Money, Lives)

Introduction Game

Two Dots Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Lives). Two Dots is a fascinating intellectual color dots game for those who love puzzles and explore the world of colors. The new update of this game has added more challenges, which will definitely make you have to “weigh the brain” more than before.

In Two Dots, players will have the task of connecting two or more dots of the same color in vertical or horizontal rows to make them disappear, but are not allowed to cross. At each level, the number of colored dots will be different and they will be “dropped” from the top of the screen. Players need to quickly identify their possible moves and perform pairing operations. In the case of players connecting at least 4 dots of the same color to form a square, all of them will disappear, and the dots inside the image will also become bombs that explode the nearby dots.

Two Dots also impress the player in very unique obstacles. Each level will have a specific goal for the player to accomplish. However, instead of limiting the time like many other games, Two Dots challenge the player with the number of turns of colored dots. This means that with a certain number of dots in each level, you can only go to a few countries; If the end of the turn has not removed all the dots on the screen, you will lose. Later on, these challenges are also gradually changed according to each level and in some higher levels, players will face 4 obstacles continuously and make sure that conquering Two Dots is not easy.

P9VXA0x - Two Dots 5.22.0 (Unlimited Money, Lives)Two Dots Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • FREE to play for life
  • CONNECT one dot to another, sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, fight fire, and much more in this fun free puzzle game
  • ADVENTURE through 2475 fun and addicting levels
  • ADORABLE fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautiful game about connecting
  • ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design with relaxing game music and fun sound fx
  • PLAY at your own pace to figure out the perfect move without having to worry about the old time clock
  • CHALLENGE your friends to a Two Dots match on Facebook, beat their scores, and earn medals
  • MAKE a line or a square, not a circle, to connect every dot of a single color

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Reviews Of Game

Katarina Novakova: My favorite mobile game by far. Why? 1. Games are fun, challenging, addictive. The limited moves format challenges you, but not too stressful like some time-limit games. 2. You don’t have to ever pay or watch ads if you don’t want to. Can do both for a little extra help but game perfectly enjoyable without either, you will not be stopped from advancing! (I haven’t paid a single cent and watch ads only occasionally, and I have enjoyed the game every day for nearly two years now) 3. Cool graphisc!

Honey Bunny: I’ve played all available levels. It’s a nice game. The gameplay is challenging to the point where some levels seem impossible to win without boosters that can be earned by watching ads. That’s fine, I understand they need ad revenue…but this is a quiet relaxing kind of game yet it has very long, loud, gaudy ads. They need to join a different ad network. The crappy King games have many 5 and 15 second ads, but 2dots ads are generally 30.

Khan Burger: Seriously probably without a doubt one of the best if not the best mobile games. Every app I get I enjoy but after the first few days or even hours I get bored and it just stays in my phone until I delete it. TWO DOTS is the app that I always can come back to and is always fun to play. The perfect amount of critical thinking and mindless fun combined with a beautiful minimisist aesetictic makes for an amazing game. Keep it up guys