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Download True Surf Mod Apk 1.1.10 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

True Surf Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). We’re excited to announce the launch of True Surf in partnership with makers of True Skate. Download the game here and play for free! As the official mobile game of the World Surf League and Surfline, it features the world’s best breaks, real-world conditions forecasted by Surfline, and World Surf League Competitions.

This Game is next level mind surfing. It’s really fun. Turns, barrels, and airs – all at your fingertips. You can play anytime, anywhere on your Apple device.

Thanks to Surfline, the waves in the game reflect real-life conditions. There’s 21 epic locations to choose from, so even if it’s flat at home; Pipe, Teahupo’o or J-Bay will be pumping.

You can compete on the World Tour. When the world’s best surfers hit the lineup in France, you can too.

Compete against the entire surfing world, but only while the WSL competition window is open. Get ready for France, Portugal, Maui and Pipe.

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Game Features

  • The World’s Most Authentic Surfing Game.

    True Surf launches with 21 of the world’s greatest surf breaks driven by True Axis’ real world physics simulation engine and powered by live Surfline weather forecasts.

  • Real Time Controls

    Realistic touch based physics enable complete control of your surfer in real time. Use one finger, your thumb or mind surf with two fingers like the Pros.

  • The World’s Best Waves

    A huge part of surfing is about chasing the perfect wave and True Surf comes jam-packed with the world’s best. Level up to travel the world chasing classic reef breaks with hollow barrels at Pipe in Hawaii, Cloudbreak, Fiji to rolling ‘power-curve’ breaks at Bells Beach, Australia. Or try to beat the sections at some of the world’s fastest point breaks like Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. If BIG waves are your thing then head to Nazare, Portugal and Jaws (Pe-ahi), Hawaii.

  • Live Forecast By Surfline

    True Surf is powered by real time surf forecasting data from Surfline (experts in marine weather forecasting). Data is updated throughout the day and includes Swell Height, Swell Direction, Wind, Tide and Water Temperature. Power up by initiating ‘Perfect Storms’ at your favorite surf breaks.

  • Evolve Your Character

    True Surf comes with six characters to choose from around the world. Start surfing performing tricks, spine-twisting maneuvers and massive wipeouts to build up your reputation and advance your career, unlocking travel, perfect storms, and gear to purchase. Look out for new apparel arrivals from many of the world’s leading surf brands.

  • Build Your Quiver

    Start building your quiver. You will need shortboards, funboards, longboards, guns and fish according to wave conditions to build up your reputation and become a surfing legend. As you progress through your career, you will unlock new boards to purchase.

  • Compete In World Surf League Events

    Are you ready for the big leagues? Test your skills via LIVE WSL competitions and compete against other players from around the world to see if you have what it takes to become a world champ!

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Reviews Of Game

Connor Boshoff: True Surf Mod Apk is Great game! Props to the True Axis team for putting time and effort into the best surfing game on the market. A nice addition I think many people would like to see would be the perfect eternal wave, such as the wave in the tutorial of the game. Basically a wave that loses no energy, keeps it’s height and has no contribution to the progression of the main portion of the game. Other than that, well done!

Alex Lydiate: Great game, and with potential to be superb. My wishlist would be, in rough order: 1. When you enter a tube, switch view to behind the surfer. The wave modelling is great, why not show that off, it would look awesome from inside, and two, frustrating to wipe out when you can’t see your surfer from the outside to fine tune the ride. 2. The scoring is…tough. Catch a 10 second tube, land a massive frontside 360 air…meh. 5.5…disappointing. 3. Wider variety of scoring moves. Love it, tho 🙂

Aaron Jones: New favorite game! Got to level 15 and finally got my first 10 at pipe. Yeah this game can be a little challenging, but once you get it down it’s super fun. And if you’re ever bored the beater board is great to mess around with. The 3 things I with this game had are: 1. More camera options (so I can see myself from behind the barrel, that would be sick) 2. An endless practice wave to try to learn trucks on (maybe just add in a wavepool wave) and 3. Ability to walk the nose (longboard).