Publisher SkisoSoft,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.6.1
Size 69MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements +
Updated On September 24, 2022
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Trash Truck Simulator  Introduction

Trash Truck Simulator simulates a useful job, many people are curious but few want to do it in reality: drive a garbage truck.

Game MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Compared to buses, ordinary cargo trucks, driving garbage trucks seems to be much more difficult. Because you have to stop at the prescribed stops, follow the available route, go around the city, continuously do the correct loading of garbage into the car and finally be at the gathering point to complete the day’s garbage disposal. While buses are only responsible for carrying people, trucks carry goods, the frequency of going up and down may not be too much, and driving on wide roads should not seem too difficult.

When completing the assigned task, you will receive a reward. Subsequent challenges will be more difficult, but the rewards will be correspondingly higher. The accumulated money will be used to upgrade incinerators for waste treatment plants or to buy new trucks. Depending on the amount of garbage, the current needs of each city, you will be the one to make the final decision about which part to invest in.

Main Features

  •  Detailed truck models with fully modeled interiors.
  •  A lot of upgrades for each truck and processing plant.
  •  Dynamic day and night with weather effects.
  •  Manual automatic gearbox options.
  •  Realistic engine sounds.

Trash Truck Simulator  Reviews:

Varun G: Excellent game. As I read some reviews I got to know that controlling is so difficult but when I played the controls was easy. I first switched into auto gear and button controls, but yeah other than collecting trash, car wash and fuelling there is not so much to do. We can roam freely anywhere on the road and this game is fun.

Zakary: I like this gme. For a mobile game, it has amazing graphics and alot of details. I just wish that money was a bit easier to get and there was more veriety with the maps. Great game Skisosoft! Maybe you could make a sport game next.

Courtney Caldwell: It is very enjoyable but there is one bug at the very beginning where you’re not able to drive so you have to back out of the game and restart but other than that this game is very enjoyable and yeah I would like more updates.

Download Trash Truck Simulator APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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