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Download Train Taxi Mod Apk 1.4.7 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

Introduction Game

Train Taxi Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Coins). Train Taxi is a combination of different genres such as snakes hunting and controlling the train model, the task of the player is to drive the train, collect passengers in the city, more guests, train’s You get longer and be careful not to let the front of the train touch the stern. Game Train Taxi has many missions, many random game screens, attractive rewards such as gold and treasure chests.

Train Taxi requires you to operate a train but start with a single train, then move to the locations to pick up passengers, the more guests the more new trains will be created and the train The longer you get. Along with collecting passengers, at each level you will also conquer the rail networks with different structures and of course the increasing complexity, complete the tasks and will begin to enter the bonus levels. , collect gold on rails.

Train Taxi also brings a number of random screens with the appearance of the golden key, if you collect all 3 golden keys, you will be able to open 3 treasure chests, including unexpected rewards. The biggest challenge of the main game and the trick to pull the front and the stern do not touch each other because your train is getting longer, twisted and poorer to move increasingly difficult.

The content of the game is similar to the snake game Slither IO, also the way you control the snake to eat the surrounding prey to increase its size, Slither IO also has a lot of game screens for you to conquer, avoid to touch the snake’s head with the snake’s tail.

uW8C6Xb - Train Taxi 1.4.7 (Unlimited Money, Coins)Train Taxi Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot


Being in the Snake genre, Train Taxi doesn’t really gives you a snake, but a Train and you pick up passengers instead of eating them, or anything else for that matter. However, instead of most snake games, Train Taxi mobile game demands that you also manage controlling your Train, i.e. Snake, on an intricate railway system. The railways are simple and easy to navigate at first, but quickly become increasingly complicated. Lastly, the passengers you pick up grow your train by adding it additional cars, which makes the whole railway crawling mechanic more dangerous. In fact, if you make a wrong turn on most challenging maps, you’ll probably end up colliding with your own rear end, i.e. tail.

In-game currencies in Train Taxi mobile are there for unlocking different types of trains and enable the player to customize his own play. But, the trains do not offer any concrete difference in gameplay, besides cosmetics. However, the maps and the rails do get bridges and get complicated like spaghetti. So much so that in one point your whole map might seem like one large, confused knot.

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Reviews Of Game

Josh Helmick: I like the game but damn you don’t need a ad after every level. I see what’s going on. Ads started out playable to try them out then now they make you think they are then you try it and it take you to that game in the play store. I get it. There needs to be ads but not after every level. This is why games get uninstalled and you actually lose money.

Steven Manchester: This app is a fun,simple distraction and a nice reimaginaton of the classic “Snake” game. The only reason I am only giving 4 out of 5 stars is it is a bit ad heavy. Granted, this is how they make money on a free game, but they could let up on the ads a little. Still worth the download.😊

Soujanya Mudliar: This game is pretty simple and the concept is quite interesting.It is a fun and an enjoyable game which can be used by one while relaxing.It is a Reimagintion of classic “Snake” game. One of the problem with this game is the number of advertisement which appears very frequently during the game play.

Shannon Root October 9, 2019 1 Great game! I think it would be cool though too if we could drive the train through a city/town, or if we had to get sertain people in like maybe a sertain time limit. Though i see nothing wrong with the game and would reccomend.👍

Whirled Piece: Fun Game….but way too too many ads. It’s rather atrocious if you ask me…but unfortunately someone is greedy and needs to make money. Fun while it lasted for the three or four days…but just too many ads eating up my data so I’m deleting. I dont pay for apps. I’m a communist like that!