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Updated On March 28, 2022
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Train Station 2 Introduction

Train Station 2 APK allows you to do more ambitious missions while letting the trains perform hard work. Enjoy life, success, and expanding your empire. Train Station 2 offers a dynamic combination of stunning visuals and gameplay that requires you balance ambition and strategy.


Giving you the power to build your own fast-growing locomotive empire, Train Station 2 APK doesn’t talk much about the hassle of moving but focuses on making the miniature rail system on your phone.

Train-Station-2-APK1Train Station 2 APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Back in the glory days of the train you would have some engines and basic work to collect resources and distribute them to businesses along the tracks. This is just the beginning. As you dive deeper into the game, you’ll unlock more locomotives, new routes, and a world map, taking trains to all directions and increasing your influence. You unlock more trains and your infrastructure grows the more contracts you complete. Similar to this, you will get more opportunities and more contracts.

Expand your train empire

Train Station 2 APK will take you back to the golden age steam locomotives. Your empire will begin in England first. Help George Stephenson, an engineer on the railroad, to perfect his railroad. If you do not know, then it is George who was dubbed the “father of the railway”. You are asked to bring in various materials. Your task is to use the stations you have and go to the mines to exploit them. After the train has returned to the station, George Stephenson will take the materials and build a railway. Then you get money, gems, or other resources.

After unlocking more trains and some new locations, you can choose many different jobs such as transporting resources, transporting passengers in town… Unlike idle games like Tiny Rails, your empire is not automatic work. As the operator, you arrange your trains so that you can collect as much money as possible. George’s mission gives you lots of gold, materials and keys. Don’t miss it.


Once you have established a train empire in the UK you can expand it to other countries like the United States, France Canada and Russia. You need to be careful when investing in each country. Each country has its own resources and landscapes. Russia’s weather is extremely cold. Every train travels on a snow-covered railway.

You can unlock more trains

The key is obtained by completing quests and leveling up. The key can be used to purchase more trains. You will receive a random train if you go to the Shop and choose Common Container with 100 keys. There are several types of trains, including Rare and Common. Gems are not able to unlock Rare-type trains.


Train Station 2 APK is graphics were amazing. It has bright colors and sharp 3D graphics. The game’s graphics are a major draw. Although only animation-style images with wide viewing angles from above, the game still pays attention to small details such as flowing water, snow, rain, fish, … It gives you a sense of relaxation and excitement.


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Main Features

  • Use the history of rail transport to build your own engines
  • Recuperate famous express trains and upgrade them to unlock their transport potential
  • Find out more about simulator contractors and rail engine logistics jobs
  • You can coordinate and transport your trains using your simulator strategy
  • Your railway city can be improved and upgraded to accommodate more trains.
  • As your train travels on rail through cities and towns, discover new places around the globe
  • You can find new events each month in the Train Station 2 strategy simulation
  • Team up with fellow train tycoon enthusiasts during events & work together
  • To become the greatest railway tycoon, compete in leaderboards
  • Dispatch engines to collect resources and transport those to your contractors & city to complete train simulator jobs

Train Station 2 Reviews

Christer Brännström: Yes, I’m still playing. This is one of my favorite ad-funded games, and the ads don’t seem too intrusive. As you play the game, the logistics become more complicated. This keeps it fun. It takes a while for delivery, but it lets me give life a chance.

Joshua Holesinger: Although I was originally playing for gems in another game, it is actually a great game that takes your time and respects your time. The resources you can gather quickly allow for faster crafting and turn ins. Excellent customer service is provided for this game. We recommend you take a look if management games interest you.

Shinde Kaur: Favorite video game. I love that I can go for a while and then the trains do their jobs and I can come back later. You can play without ads and for no cost. There are no sales. This game is for you if you love trains.

Muhammed Saajid: Excellent gameplay and strategies. The game was easy to use and I didn’t have to be on my phone all the time to progress. Developers should add the ability for the map to be rotated 360 degrees. This makes the game more immersive.

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