Publisher HandyGames,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 2.10.8
Size 3GB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On December 7, 2021
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Titan Quest Legendary Edition Introduction

You can join Titan Quest: Legendary Edition MOD APK and go on a journey through pre-Roman times, between the war with the gods or the evil Titans. You can make your own hero and explore iconic landmarks such as the Pyramids, Tartarus arena, Babylon city, or the pyramids.


The plot

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition MOD Apk begins with the fact that the Dark Titans have emerged from long-term imprisonment by the Olympians. Their hatred of the human race goes to extreme levels. Telkines, a Titan trio broke the connection between Olympus und the gods. With the aid of the mighty Titans, he terrorized all of Earth.

Even though this is just the beginning of the plan for revenge, don’t let it happen. The Telkines’ success will result in the destruction of the entire human race, and the exact same fate for the gods. In order to release these Titans, you will need to find a means to reconnect the Olympus connection. This will show the gods humanity can survive without protection.


Titan Quest: Legendary edition MOD APK is set in the Pre-Roman period. Humanity is flourishing, but it also faces the greatest challenges. To bring peace on the planet, you must find the Titans’ leaders and destroy them.

You start playing in the village of Helos – where crops are being destroyed by animals. You will need to find the right skills and weapons to kill these animals by consulting NPCs or villager-guides. As content is added, you will be able to discover new lands or face new enemies.

Titan-Quest-Legendary-Edition-MOD-APK2Titan Quest: Legendary Edition MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

As you travel, your character will grow stronger. He will be able to improve his fighting skills. He can also be revived with experience points at a nearby stoppoint if he is knocked out during a fight.

Currently, the game has 3 DLCs you can play: IMMORTAL THRONE, ATLANTIS and RAGNARÖK. It will give you a summary of the contents and a text. It will then give you the opportunity to read it before you download. Each of these DLCs will give you a chance to fight the Boss. You must continue to improve your character strength in order to defeat them.


Titan Quest Legendary Edition MOD APK features a role playing game featuring hack and slash gameplay. If you’ve ever played role-playing games on your phone, you will quickly learn the controls. The skill and action virtual keys are arranged in the right corner of the screen, while the virtual joystick on the left side controls the character’s movement.

It shows a standard attack. They can be used indefinitely because they don’t consume mana. There are many skills. A skill can cause a character to lose their mana and will require a cooldown.



As mentioned above, the character can gain new skills as he grows. He can earn free attributes points to improve one of his personal traits (intelligence, strength or dexterity).

You can equip your character with armor, weapons and other costumes to increase your stats. These items can be obtained by battle, or rewarded for completing NPC’s quests. There are many weapons that you can choose from, including axes, clubs, swords, and clubs. They all share similar action mechanisms and can be used as melee weapons.

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Main Features

  • All DLCs included
  • IMMORTAL TRONE: Within the world of the Immortal Throne DLC, you’ll encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology, brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx. This dark adventure will require you to interpret the prophecies from Tiresias in order to fight alongside Achilles or Agamemnon.
  • RAGNARÖK: In the uncharted lands of northern Europe in the Ragnarök DLC, you’ll brave the realms of the Celts, the Northmen, and the Asgardian gods!
  • ATLANTIS:Meet Atlantis DLC explorer who is on a quest for the mythical kingdom Atlantis. According to legend, the diary of Herakles contains a key. It is believed that it can be found in Gadir’s Phoenician City. An epic journey through the western Mediterranean will be yours, with the Tartarus arena included.
  • The Titan Quest is now updated to offer the best gaming experience!

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition Reviews

Price: It’s a great video game. It is worth the effort. Although I haven’t played the game since around 2008, it brings back great memories. I’d love to see a way for mastery to be reversed and a transmog to make my matching and mixed armor look amazing.

Agathar Ultima: An excellent game. Bug report – My Samsung S21 (exynos 221100) is experiencing stuttering. At times, my fps drops to 20 when I stand still but increases to 60 when moving. The game would be five stars if it was optimized for my phone. It would be nice if there was a high-definition map.

Gary Stump Sr: I’m strictly a desktop mouse/keyboard gamer. I don’t like console games. My phone is my entertainment device because I was recently relocated. Titan Quest has become a personal favorite of mine. I’d happily play it on my computer almost every day. This version of the game…

Brandon LaVoie: This is a fantastic game. It’s like a mythological Diablo. It can be purchased and owned by you. No in-app purchase. The entire game is available. This game is perfect for s21 super.

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