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Download Thrift Store Story Mod Apk 1.0.6 (Unlimited Money, Smile)

Introduction Game

Thrift Store Story Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Smile). Become the manager of a pre-loved goods store (yup, that’s just a fancy name for second-hand!) and turn it into a prospering business!

There are many towns for you to operate in, each with a unique customer base and different products for you to discover. You can guess what you’ll find in Trendy Town or Totaltoys District, for example!

Xtaokxn - Thrift Store Story 1.0.6 (Unlimited Money)
Thrift Store Story Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot
The product line-up at your store is up to you, of course. Will you be selling model toys, video games, classy suits, cars, plasma TVs, or diamonds? That’s the fun in the second-hand retail industry — you sell all sorts of goods, cherry-picked from a variety of available pre-owned products.

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Your store also offers a gift-wrapping service which does wonders for boosting customer satisfaction.

Besides store shelves, you can also have stalls selling donuts or ice-cream, a gaming corner or toy vending machine. They’ll draw in more customers, and once your store becomes really popular, even whole groups of kids or curious tourists.

Your field staff are in charge of collecting goods for sale. They’ll sometimes come across what looks like real treasure, but you’ll have to appraise it first to see what it’s actually worth. You may discover some amazing items this way, which will bring fame to your store!

Reviews Of Game

Jamey Knapp: A very fun, classic Kairosoft game. This game is and older port from Kairosoft, thus lacking some of the complexity of newer Kairosoft titles. Still a fun casual game. My only complaint is lack of replayability like other Kairosoft titles.

Laura Flores: Game came out in Japanese back in 2012, so it’s not as good as the newer Kairosoft games, but it’s still fun. Wish it cost a bit less though.

Jeff Sampson: Very chill old fashion Kariosoft. If you are new to their games not the best choice, I recommend sushi spinner. If you like their games well worth it.