The Wolf Among Us Mod Apk

Download The Wolf Among Us Mod Apk 1.23 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

The Wolf Among Us APK for Android is an action role-playing game by the manufacturer Telltale. Where you explore a brutal world. Where the bloody murder scenes are just a little bit of a taste of the game. Here all your decisions can have enormous consequences

In The Wolf Among Us, you will play as Bigby Wolf, a police fable of the town, solving conflicts and murder cases.

Not so simple, you have to investigate before the killer attacks again, at the same time unravel the mysterious stories in the dark underworld.

The Wolf Among Us APK is a game where your decision-making has a great influence, who will you help during the investigation, who will you accuse, who you are, who is the enemy?

The Wolf Among Us for Android, is a journey more than expected. Gamer will experience and feel the pain, the attraction, the happiness, the love and the hate, the loneliness, etc., provoking his own thoughts.

jysBd4v - The Wolf Among Us 1.23 (Unlocked)The Wolf Among Us APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Based on the prestigious Eisner Award-winning Fables comic series
  • Your decisions, your choices, influence the story
  • Adult characters included in fairy tales, legends and folk flee into the world of The Wolf Among Us
  • A perfect place to start your Fables journey

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Reviews Of Game

Ryan Amyor: Absolutely like its wonderful storyline. And I really like the ending so would you recommend telling this story? I have a serious question that I’ve played all of your games including the game of thrones. Frontier fairy tales, etc. And every game I play ends badly. And you guys are just focusing on death walking right now there is a need this season game. I am considering season 2 needs as well as in general. You guys have a bad ending although I’m glad you guys ended up twd. I’m grateful that you need to fix it

Leah Gibson: This review is for free first episode only: really great game. Great in graphics, storylines and characters. With every decision has the potential to affect future interactions. And the best part, no ads. To be honest, it is possible to purchase rest of the episodes for later play. Please note, this game is based on a novel and the series with really good graphics so please consider checking!

Jaspreet Singh: Interesting story about the great game. If you are looking for a plot game just try this one once. Only 1 episode is free but 1 episode is enough for your story needs. Just try it once. 5 stars’ cause I love stories and grafix is ​​also under 1 GB game story. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played

Suspect Misra: It was a bit dark, like when the woman came to our room. And take us out and then we see the girl’s head with a ring and her mouth. The ring in chewing gum is connected to a slightly dark girl. But I like the game and I hope they will create more games like this in the future.

Abhijit Malik: What a game. Best game ever played on story mode. When the game started, it aroused the curiosity to know more. And what’s even more sad is that I don’t have the money to buy the entire game. But there is doubt that this is the best storytelling game. If there are 10 stars I give it 10/10.