Category Online, Role Playing,
Latest Version 4.0.0
Size 100MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On September 16, 2021
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Introduction Game

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Mighty Quest For Epic Loot brings a simple, lightweight, entertaining plowing role-playing game with a tight fighting style.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot dives deep into the journey of an adventurer in search of jewels or legendary equipment guarded by dangerous monsters.

You will travel through many dungeons and confront a multitude of different enemies. Finally, when all enemies have been defeated, you will gain many spoils and move to other lands.

The control mechanism will be minimized as much as possible to help you just slide your finger in the direction you want to move. In combat mode, this will be your way to dodge. You will attack enemies by touching, and virtual keys are used to use special skills.

The dungeons in the game are divided into many different levels and you need to complete them to be able to escape. Thanks to the equipment you collect on the road, you can continue to fight continuously through the game screen is designed diversity and no limit.

Players have many activities to experience such as power ups, achievement challenges, tower challenges and item enhancements. With so much to do, you can collect rewards as well as new equipment to complement your character.

The graphics of The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot are designed in a simple, stylized and interesting style. Comes with quite sensitive control mechanism. The combat movements are done quite smoothly besides super nice effects.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot GameThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Frantic One-thumb Gameplay: Grab your phone and tap to slash! Experience wild brawls at a frenzied pace! Fight your way through goblins, skeletons, banshees and all kinds of fearsome creatures.
  • A Wonderful World To Conquer: Discover Opulencia, a stunning world of floating castles. Hack through more than 100 unique environments from the Cursed Cathedral to the Haunted Pirate Ship.
  • Build Your Own Hero: Become the Hero of your dreams! Open character building allows for unique builds and deep playstyles. With over 1000 unique items of gear, it’s time to get creative!
  • Gear Up, Never Give Up: Enhance your Hero by looting tons of epic weapons, awesome armor and legendary artefacts. Upgrade your sword, fuse and empower your gear, and kick some monster butt!
  • Raid To The Top: Level up your powers with tons of runes and blessings, unlock formidable skills, and unleash devastating abilities!
  • Massive Pve Campaign: Learn the tricks and traps of each castle, and crush its mighty boss to discover the truth about Opulencia. Tackle 3 different difficulty modes, all-you-can-eat!
  • Thrilling Pvp Arena: Enter the Arena, play intense PvP matches, and climb the rankings! It’s one against one against one against one. Well… it’s you against everyone…
  • Never ending ever changing Events: There’s always some crazy time-limited ruthless events going down in the game. Unique gameplay modes, incredible loot, exclusive rewards: you’ll never get tired!

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Reviews Of Game

Joshua Westmorland: First thing I’m noticing is they dont give you control until after 20mins of playing. you dont need to hold our hands for that long. Almost made me uninstall before finishing the tutorial. Edit: After playing a few weeks, raised it to 4 stars for being a solid game. Energy runs down a bit fast so you run out of things to do pretty quick but solid all around.

Sean Edgar: Honestly downloaded this because the art and story of the ad impressed me. I didn’t expect the actual gameplay to continue to surprise me. It feels very much like the Diablo series, but with a lighthearted take. I would absolutely recommend this, I’m gonna tell my dad about it. Only downside is some of the rewards and achievements are in confusing places off of the main page.

Keith Ferrara: Pay to win. Game came out today but there are videos on youtube of people with the best gear already. If only I were rich. #2- The game asked for further review. I like the quick gameplay and its really not about the story or the battles. It’s all about the loot which is fun. Also the English isn’t bad but…. There is an arena tip using the word SLAIN but it should be SLAY. Also, the word GEAR is plural without the S. You should almost never end a sentence with the word GEARS.

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