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Download The Catapult 2 Mod Apk 3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

The Catapult 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). The Catapult 2 is the next version of the famous game about brave soldiers. Because of the catapult on the top of the tower that he sought to protect his castle from destruction from the javelin army. You will immerse yourself in the countryside standing on top of towers, using various defenses and weapons to protect your base from enemy attacks.

Tower defense game genre with beautiful graphics and unique gameplay will surely make gamers passionate. In the game, you will play the stick-man standing on the top of the tower, using weapons and vehicles such as stone cranes, cannonballs, bombs, arrows and magic bullets to attack opponents and protect your castle. Players can also upgrade towers and promote defensive power to increase efficiency when facing many dangerous enemies. If you love this game, you can download and invite your friends to play duel.

The Catapult 2 offers a variety of game modes, in addition to classic endless play mode, you can also participate in a campaign of 60 different levels. The game also recreates battles with enemies equipped with strong firepower, many different types of defense towers, not only to confront the catapults on catapults, but also artillery, siege towers, vehicles. Siege cities and giant fighting machines have the ability to blow away your castle.

Catapult Wars is also an attractive goalkeeper game, in which players will use the catapult to deal with enemies who are attacking the castle, Catapult Wars provides a variety of weapons, ammunition. , armor to use and upgrade.

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Game Features

  • Blue “knock-out” tokens initiate a round where each player launches their blue token and any followers hit are removed from play and returned to their owners.
  • Yellow “Seduction” tokens initiate a round where each player launches their yellow token. The follower it lands nearest to, may be swapped with a follower of the players own, unlike the blue token these are not required to hit anything. However if the token lands off the map, it is not counted.
  • Green “target” tokens initiate a round where the goal is to get closest to the just placed tile, whoever lands the closest gains 5 points, the measuring ruler is used to decide who is closest, tokens landing off the map are not counted.
  • Red/Pink “Catch” tokens initate a game of throw and catch, everyone must launch a token once, and attempt to catch once. The launch is deemed un-successful if the token does not travel forward far enough. It must exceed the distance of the ruler, 5 points awarded for a successful catch.

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Reviews Of Game

Mark Bourbeau: Fun game to past time. Unfortunately you have to spend a lot of time playing and watching ads to double your coins to make enough for upgrades. But I suppose you can always buy the packs to speed that up. Wish there were more interesting themes and backgrounds. You have the same background for 90 levels which at my lesiure play pace will be around 3 months.

Jason Poovey: Very enjoyable. Coins come very slowly in the campaign, though, compared to the ramping difficulty. Play Endless to unlock things. Better descriptions wouldn’t hurt, either, like defining what is or isn’t a consumable, permanent activated recharging item, automatically placed items, etc. Still putting in hours having fun wiping out attacking armies until I inevitably fall.

Frost Strike: I like the game but there are some problems….When I watch an ad the ad skips to the end and I don’t get my reward… I had a problem where I cound’t play level 50 but I kept trying till I got past the problem was. I click pay for level 50 then It load for a while and then makes a black screen and I am back on my home screen. Some time this same error happens for no reason so please fix this and I will rate this game five stars.

Jose Carmona: Guys, the game seems to not add up the total amount of coins with multiplier. The game gives the player the option to double the coins amount if player watches an ad. However, the player only receives the initial amount and not the double as promise.