THE ALCHEMIST CODE Mod Apk (High Damage, High Def)

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    High Damage, High Def, Unlimited Money
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    Android 5.0+

Introduction Game

The Alchemist Code APK for Andorid was developed by gumi Inc. The role-playing game offers a great combination of classic tactical elements.

Plenty of high-quality content from eye-catching anime-style 3D animation to amazing music and voice acting promises to bring you a satisfying gaming experience.

In The Alchemist Code for Android, players control a team of characters that are gathered, recruited and upgraded during the game. In addition, the game also supports Auto mode to automatically fight, allowing players to both experience the game and do other things without interrupting the match.

Alchemy Code has beautiful 3D graphics with cute characters and skill effects, it must be said that it is very meticulous and interesting.

What are you waiting for, download and experience The Alchemist Code right away on your Android device. To explore and conquer fascinating battlefields and quests. And then put my name on the ranking of the best.

3AexJNU - THE ALCHEMIST CODE (High Damage, High Def)THE ALCHEMIST CODE APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features


  • Classic turn-based battle system with grid-based movement
  • Command strategic units on 3D terrains, consider the difference in elevation and orientation to turn the tides of battles


  • Summon, collect and evolve more than 50 beautifully designed characters
  • Master a wide selection of Jobs Classes, unlock new abilities and outfits


  • Real-time 4P multiplayer co-op – Challenge high-level dungeons with 3 other players
  • Put your skills to the test at the Arena! Battle fellow players to climb Daily Arena Rankings and get rewarded


  • Go on invigorating adventures and traverse through unique landscapes
  • Take up exciting Missions and Challenges daily and get fantastic rewards
  • Discover intriguing character personalities, gripping backstories and quests

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Reviews Of Game

Aliff Fikri: Gameplay: it’s a tactical rpg, very difficult game. But that’s what makes you very pleased when you max out the units you like. Beautiful graphic. Some people with unique jobs have beautiful animation skills. The story is going well. The story recently chapter 5 is really good imo. Good Gacha, what do you expect? It’s a gacha game. You don’t expect to get everything on the first step. Gacha is all about rng and luck. My advice is to do research on upcoming banners in jp. And patiently save your gems.

Jo spangler: Overall a great game, I played a lot of different “RPG” games. And not a single game I’ve played can compare to this one. It has good gameplay, lots of characters to collect, and a real strategy RPG. This game takes a very different approach to “ultimate / ultimate”. In my opinion and completely nailed it with the way they did. The only thing I can think of is making it a little easier for players to earn experience points.

Lowell Tan: 3D grid-based game where you combine unit builds together by freely mixing. And combine the parts of the three ‘jobs’ in their set. Very detailed stylized graphics, good voiceover. And creativity is expressed in the unit skills and ideas. Lots of story stages and special stages to clear to grow and enhance!

Grim Joew: This game is never over. I started playing after playing EKO (mmorpg) and the arena was dope. Though it’s tedious and single-player, it’s a gacha game that I’ll play for free. It seems endless. 10/10 will be free.