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Latest Version 4.0.0
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Requirements Android 6.0 Network required+
Updated On January 12, 2022
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TEPPEN Introduction

TEPPEN APK is an extremely attractive card game from GungHoOnlineEntertainment. It is a mix of a card and fighting game. The game will have you as the commander for the iconic superheroes Street Fight Street Fight Resident Evil, Devil Monster and Devil May Cry.


The game centers on eight Capcom heroes who are bound by their fates and set out to defeat devil land in order to discover the truth. Capcom’s universe is combined to create the storylines that lead the heroes on their journey. It offers many surprises for players, with a unique and exciting storyline. And through the game, you can better understand Capcom’s universe.

TEPPEN-APK1TEPPEN APK – Gameplay Screenshot


TEPPEN APK rules are simple and easy. Each player can play up 3 cards, and each can also use one support card. The attack power and HP of the cards will determine which cards are in competition. This game is similar to Clash Royale. Depending on which card you are using, energy will be consumed by one card. You can restore energy over time so be smart about how you use your energy.

Of course, your character also has a certain amount of HP, when your defence is no longer a card that can attack directly and the amount of health you lose corresponds to the card’s attack power. You can also use a skill to outplay your enemies.


TEPPEN APK matches can be fast-paced so that anyone can participate in the fight for their life, anywhere and anytime. Your strategy will help you win in these crazy battles.

You have many options to choose from when playing the game. Solo player mode and story mode are available. In story mode you will be able to follow the plot of each superhero as they explore the universe. You can also play ranking. The ranking will be updated every month so you can view your ranking. Also, you can enter the practice mode to try new strategies and become the best player.


Fight with Capcom characters

You can make your own deck of cards using any character you like. You can stand side by side with Capcom’s familiar superheroes. Meet these characters, who have been around for decades. Take on their battles and defend the universe from evil.

TEPPEN’s superheroes are very diverse. Start with Street Fighter, featuring Chun-Li (Chun-Li) and Ryu (X from Megaman), or Dante (from Devil May Cry). You can also find many more heroes from the Capcom Universe. After several updates, some heroes will be added.

First, unlock the story mode for your favorite character. Each hero can be unlocked and you can experience each story in its entirety. There is no shortcut.


As for graphics, TEPPEN APK has beautiful and eye-catching 3D graphics. They are skilled and beautifully rendered. It will provide you with realistic graphics that rival other games. This game gives you the feeling of reading superhero stories, but it also offers the most immersive gaming experience.


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Main Features

Dream Teams

  • Take on your heroes from many legendary series and battle them!

Quantity AND quality

  • You can find many of your favorite Heroes here. They all look stunning with gorgeous animation and eye-catching artwork!

Heroes and Game Series

  • Street Fighter Series: Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma
  • Monster Hunter Series: Rathalos Nergigante, Felyne
  • Mega Man X Series: X, Zero
  • Darkstalkers Series: Morrigan Aensland
  • Devil May Cry Series: Dante Nero
  • Resident Evil Series: Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine. Ada Wong
  • Ōkami Series: Amaterasu
  • Sengoku BASARA Series: Oichi
  • Strider Series
  • Ace Attorney Series
  • Dead Rising Series
  • Breath of Fire Series
  • Red Earth Series

Take on the World

  • Once you are ready, compete against other players in Ranked Matches around the world and try to be the best!

TEPPEN Reviews

Edmond Koo: Although the higher-level play is of good value, it will require significant investment. 100k soulpoints for character skins is ridiculous. They are simply alternate colors. It is a refreshing and alternative to the magic arena.

Rx Murloc: TEPPEN is my favorite digital card game. Because of the speed of matches and how resources work, it wouldn’t work as a digital card game. TEPPEN is a combination of Magic, Hearthstone, and possibly a few others on speed. It’s held together by an impressive roster of iconic Capcom characters as well as some of the most beautiful card art I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for an original and complex digital card game, check it out!

Hao Nguyen: This is a great take on card games. This game is completely real-time, unlike other card games that are traditionalally turned based. All RNG are eliminated. Everything is designed to reward strategy and skill, while being reactive. Apart from the game mechanics I am a big Capcom fan. It’s amazing how the game offers fan service. This game is recommended to all who love RTS with the regonized game mechanics. PS: The majority of negative reviews are because the reviewers can’t run it. Or they aren’t as good.

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