Temple Run 2 Mod Apk

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk 1.67.1 (Unlimited Coins, Money)

Introduction Game

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins, Money). Following the success of the first Temple Run version with more than 170 million downloads in the Android and iOS app store, game publisher Imangi Studio has released Temple Run 2 on iPad 3 with many features. Outstanding with eye-catching graphics, attractive gamers.

In Temple Run 2 game, players will be able to select 4 characters to participate in the process of “fleeing” from obstacles and monsters in the game. A special feature in this version is that the player will play a few characters in a treasure hunt, tasked with collecting the cursed statues. Therefore, you must flee quickly to escape the pursuit of the monsters in the Game, besides having to be keen to dodge obstacles and abyss.

Please accumulate a lot of money to upgrade and experience new features of the characters in the game.

Game Temple Run 2, Imangi Studio, was a huge success. After only 13 days of release, this game has reached 50 million downloads.

With a simple game but need a stable mentality and quick reflexes. This game is suitable for those who like to explore, love challenges and can relax well after a hard working time.

Temple Run 2 ModTemple Run 2 Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Unlimited Money/Coins/Gems
  • Unlocked
  • Abilities Fully Upgraded
  • Purchasable Characters & Outfits Purchased*
  • Characters & Tracks Data Included*
  • Coin Multiplier Increased To 10x
  • Power Meter Fills 10x Faster
  • Distance Is Traveled 10x Faster
  • Resurrection Cost Always 1 Gem
  • Magnet Duration Increased By 100x
  • Boost Distance Increased By 100x
  • Shield Duration Increased By 100x
  • Head Start Costs 100x Less
  • Mega Head Start Costs 100x Less
  • Minimum Score Multiplier Increased To 100
  • Decreased Distance Between Pickup Items By 10x
  • Character Tokens Per Chest Increased To 100

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Reviews Of Game

Tammy Tan: I love the graphics and gameplay! It’s really addictive and I’m really excited by all the lands I can discover, and all the crazy outfits I can buy. It’s sad that some lands require so much gems to unlock… but this game is a lot funner than the previous installment 🙂 I RECOMMEND IT! One way to make things even funner would be to maybe have secret passages available too.

Anita Bailey: Very Fun game, I wish they would create more areas that are different and more challenging. When I asked for more game areas I was hoping that is what I would get, but instead you gives give new names for same places. So Volcano island is the same as holiday havoc, so I am.playing same game just different names. I enjoy the games, but I still would like to play one that is different other than the name, and most of the games are the same the names are just different.

Anna Horner: I really REALLY like this game. It’s addicting, challenging, but doable. However, I just purchased the “Gold” Pirate map and I’m a bit disappointed. It makes me nauseous, especially when running on the dirt path and going around the corner to the left. Wish I would have saved my money on that part.