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Latest Version 12.9.4390127
Size 61MB
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Requirements 7.0+
Updated On June 1, 2022
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Teamfight Tactics Introduction

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-chess mode of League of Legends. This game consists of 8 players in a match, the last survivor is the winner. Each person starts with 100 HP. After each loss, you will be deducted HP (defeating the opponent’s champions will help you lose less HP). Basically, the gameplay is simple. The controls are not complicated at all. You just need to drag and drop to place the champion you want on the board.

Teamfight Tactics  APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Gold and exp points are two factors that players need to consider when playing Teamfight Tactics. You will receive gold every time you finish a battle. You have two options to use gold, level up or rolling. Keeping the chain of losses or wins also gives you a large amount of gold reward. Therefore, you need to learn how to manage gold well to have a squad you like.

As you all know, Teamfight Tactics has now entered its second season with a completely new system of champions and items. In fact, Teamfight Tactics is not difficult. However, you need some time to get used to it. It is not easy to remember all the champions, the Class and the items because it is almost remake compared to the original game. If you’ve ever played LOL, that might be an advantage. But if you haven’t played LOL yet, you need to know some information before starting a match.

Little Legends are very cute creatures. They represent you on the battlefield. They can pick up equipment, pick up champions in The Carousel. In addition, they can “tease” opponents if you want. Collecting lovely Little Legends is also a joy in this game.

Main Features:

  • Assemble an unstoppable army from a shared pool of champions, then battle it out round by round to become the last player standing.
  • Full competitive support and matchmaking means there are countless ways to outplay your opponents.

Teamfight Tactics Reviews:

Rob: It’s a good start! I feel like the controls need a little work. I’ve definitely made some mistakes at the behest of the touch screen being difficult. Also we need a key for item combinations. I took a long break from tft before mobile and I don’t remember which items transform into others. A chat feature would also be nice! Good job on the port riot!
James Cheng: Great experience. I never played TFT before the mobile port and I’m glad you guys did it. It made the game easily accessible and with the lockdown it’s more appreciated than ever. Server stability isn’t too bad, as the only draw back is that fingers aren’t as accurate as a mouse. Over all great port!
Jayme Lambert: Super fun game that runs well. Super strategy based. You can play better the more adaptable you are. A bit difficult to understand how to do well at first, and the movement during selection rounds is a little hard for me to navigate but if you’re used to movement in apps on the phone it should run smoothly.

Download Teamfight Tactics APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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