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Latest Version 4.4.10
Size 104MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On January 14, 2022
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Talion Introduction

Talion APK: The familiar role-playing game, the attractive modes, and beautiful graphics are all I have to mention about Talion. To fully experience Talion, you will need a well-known phone. Then download the game from the links below.

Choose your character

Talion’s first stage, character selection, is a confusing one. You will be choosing from three very well-designed characters including a sexy girl Assassin, Kyle with fierce and tough looks, or Loli Pell – a little girl who is a magician. The best part is that you can easily customize the look of your character’s face, from its shape to the fine details. The hairstyle of your character can be customized in many ways. You can choose from a variety colors and styles.

Talion-APK1Talion APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Talion APK has no character boundaries between good or evil. When choosing a character, you should choose a power you believe in and fight for it.

Upgrade your equipment and collect it

Talion APK is similar to Tales of Erin in that it has an interesting story. With the basic features of this game such as task, create a team to participate in dungeon mode, upgrade their skills and equipment,… Talion does not make it difficult for gamers that it has an auto-attack feature to complete tasks easily as well as for you to get familiar with the game. Although you’ll be on your own, the journey will bring you closer to friends and allow you to help each other with difficult tasks.

If you do the task well and clear the monsters, you will be able to get your costume and hairstyle. Rare items are possible if you’re lucky. With the power of each set, the clothes make your character look more attractive and more powerful.

Epic battles

Talion’s modes are rich in powerful alliances between players. To defend your base, you’ll be there to support your friends and then fight your opponent in 20v20. You can also take part in the dungeon against monsters or giant bosses. You can also play 5vs5 in a very gentle mode, which allows you to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and have a little fight.


It is a great graphic. You feel like you’re in the real thing. Not only that, Talion owns a vast map showing the publisher’s feats. The 360-degree viewing angle allows you to adjust the viewing angle, zoom in and out, according to your preference.


Although it’s just a game for mobile, Talion owns the attractive gameplay and high-quality graphics are no worse than the PC games. If you are a fan of the MMORPG genre that you do not play this game, I think it’s a big mistake.

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Main Features

Personalize your characters

  • Design character designs that are unique to you
  • You can design your characters however you like, from cute to charismatic!
  • You can express yourself with character gestures, you can even dance!

Accessories are not just for fashion! Accessories can increase your Combat Power!

  • Dress up your characters with costumes, Guardian Fairies and rides!
  • Rides: Discover the world of TALION through unique rides named after different animals, like ostriches and rays.
  • Costumes: You can try on a variety of weapon and costume costumes to find the perfect style match.
  • Wings: Add a finishing touch on your look with wings! You can choose the set that suits you best.
  • Guardian Fairies: Take a trip with these cute, yet reliable combat aids!

Be a member of a guild to get all the benefits!

  • Enjoy thrilling Guild Raids with guild members!
  • Take on other guilds in Guild Battle, and earn honor for your guild!

You can take on powerful bosses!

  • Together, take on powerful bosses and all Alliance members
  • You will meet all kinds of creatures, including field bosses or the Great Gate’s Planerin.

Take on the Planerin!

  • Take back the Great Gate from this huge dragon!
  • Allies with other Alliance members to bring peace and stability to the world of TALION

Talion Reviews

Chuck minh: Here are some updates that I’d like to share with you: The switch skills function: Cos’ when we pvp and pve boss raid will use a different set of skills. 2. Switch weapons & amors & accesories: the same reasons with skills switch function. I think the game will be more intersting & motivation for getting more equipments; 3. Increase the chance to upgrade the skill of a unique weapon. Thank you, developers!

Kambing Gaming Studio: The best mobile mmorpg..but not comparable with BDM.. Talion is much better than V4 or L2 revolution..

Ninong Katakotan: Another P2W..nice rpg..very well grapics.. but please fix the problem with QUEST..sometimes you cant move.. and sometimes crashes when you 1st or 2nd log in the games… okay plss.

Tiffani Robertson: It’s great. It will take some time to get to level 40+ if you don’t like in-game purchases. Although I would say more about the pay-to play side, it is a good game for those who don’t want to.

Download Talion APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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