Publisher Potting Mobs,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.5.7
Size 108MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On November 25, 2021
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Tales Rush! Introduction

The fairy tales are an integral part of every child’s childhood. Many of us wish to be like the main characters in fairy stories, or to become beautiful princesses and brave heroes. Tales Rush! is the place to help you realize that dream and also to create your own fairy tale. You will have the chance to meet familiar characters like Tinker Bell, Alice, Tinker Bell, or ninjas. Then, you can gather them together into a group and embark on exciting adventures. You have one mission: to defend your kingdom from being invaded by evil monsters. Are you up for crazy challenges, bloody curses, and many other difficulties?

Simple controls

Tale Rush! is a mobile game. The controls are very simple. The joystick can be used to slide and touch the character. Players then use their fingers to control the action. The controls are simple and allow players to freely move and act. You must devise a strategy to defeat your opponent quickly.


Combat system

Tale Rush! The game offers many levels and different challenges. To move to the next level, the player must win at least two battles in each level. There will be different monsters that the player faces with different numbers. The more you climb, the harder the monsters will be to defeat and the larger their number. Players will encounter bosses at certain levels. They are stronger, more agile, and healthier than normal, making it a difficult task. But don’t worry, because players will be notified in advance of the appearance with special symbols.

Tale Rush! will also require you to battle monsters. Increase the difficulty of your combat and movement by adding mazes. To win this game, players must have a well-planned strategy that allows them to execute each move correctly.

Rewards and merchandise

Each level will give the player cards that increase the strength of their character. Some typical cards that can be obtained are Flexible – making the character move more flexibly, Attack Speed ​​Boost – increasing damage to attacks, HP Boost – helping to increase the character’s health. Some cards, such as Soul Absorption, are rare and can be used to absorb the power of defeated enemies. This will allow the character to increase their strength and Potential points. Certain. Do not forget to get the gold coins dropped by the monsters after you kill them. The more powerful the monsters are, the more gold coins that they drop upon being defeated.


Various characters

You’ll meet many characters throughout the story. Each character has a different story and unique abilities. At first, you have the option of using Alice, a magical young girl with a giant sword, or Alibaba (a ninja with darts). The player unlocks other hero characters by completing many levels. Because of their many levels and the rare appearance of monsters, many will believe they are less functional and more symbolic. However, they have been meticulously designed from the shape of the monsters to their attack effects and skills. The developer’s goal is to provide the best experience for players.

Main Features

  • Tap and slide, release your finger to attack, and you will be able to enjoy a thrilling battle using a simple operation.
  • Every adventure is an opportunity to learn random skills.
  • Take on powerful enemies and use all your strength to defeat them
  • For a unique experience in fighting, you can recruit heroes.
  • You’ll meet many different characters in your tales. Different options will produce different results.

Tales Rush! Reviews

Aarin Wold: I love this style of gaming and there are very few. The most popular one for mobile is Archero. It rocks and so does this game. However, it is still very much in development. It is urgent that you hurry this process to update the app.

Robert Hyder: The game is great. So far smooth clean game play. One glitch that I’ve found is when a monster you kill breaks down into smaller monsters. It will not let you kill it, and you cannot move on to the next level. You can choose between two heroes and one t…

Sebastian Derlaga: It’s a great game, and it’s challenging. The only problem is that the joystick moves in the opposite direction of what I want. I lost many games because of this. I hope this is something that can be fixed quickly, it started happening to my since stage 6.

Forrest Ossoff: The game is excellently made. I’ve been playing Archero for some time and this game is a huge step up from Archero. You can have many play styles and get varying boosts. It’s great fun! Two things I’d like to add that would enhance this game are projectile size and another of the ene…

Timothy Finks: At first, I thought this was another Archero ripoff. Surprisingly, I was pleasantly surprised. There are many similarities between the two, but I believe that the sound, graphics and controls are more modern, crisper and more dynamic. Most noticeable are the c…

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