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Tales of Luminaria Introduction

Tales of Luminaria APK, a mobile MMORPG by the well-known publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. This unique game is for anime fans. Each life is a story of heroic courage in the ancient mystical universe!


Tales of Luminaria APK tells a series of thrilling stories set in the fantasy realm of Luminaria. The Mana(s) are the life force that creates the magical world where you live. They come from the mysterious Primordial Beasts, a giant life form. It’s not something that humans can understand. To preserve Mana’s purity and prosperity, the Federation of Primordial Beasts was established to safeguard this sacredness. The Federation’s ultimate ideal is to respect and worship nature.

The Empire faction on the other side was home for dark-minded members. They are just looking to exploit Primordial Beasts as a source for energy. They want it all to be able to create their technology and Civilization VI


The world is always a war between the Empire or the Federation when the goals, ideals and methods are divergent between factions.

This constant war is yours.

The festival is as full of characters as it gets.

The main idea of ​​the big story in Tales of Luminaria is “Encounters change the world”. The entire game is about adventure, meeting people, making new friends, becoming enemies, growing up, as well as the relationship between characters.

Tales of Luminaria features up to 21 main characters (?!). Each character has their own story, life purpose, fighting style, and unique stories. Each character has their own beliefs, reasoning, and determination. They are all different but they share one thing: once they have an idea, they will fight for it.

Tales of Luminaria allows you to meet 21 powerful characters. They can be alike-minded or they can be in conflict and work together to create or destroy justice. By playing the part of each other, you’ll slowly uncover their origins, emotions, and determine the best path to your future.

Celia, an archer, can pinpoint enemies far away. Edouard is a mercenary that is adept at attacking with high damage and high flexibility. And the others are Lydie Delacroix, Lisette, Lucien Dufaure, Vanessa Morax, Yels, Maxime Hasselmans, Michelle, Leo Fourcade…

Tales-of-Luminaria-APK2Tales of Luminaria APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Importantly, by choosing one of them, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the story in that person’s way. Which means it’s completely different if you choose a different character. It’s a game you will enjoy playing again and again. The 21 main characters all have their own perspectives and approaches, even though they are part of the same plot.

Upgrade characters and collect equipment

The game revolves around the theme war between two forces who never submit to one another but are forced to live in the same universe. Both in time and in space, the battles and events take place seamlessly within the game. If you’re new to the genre, the game’s pace is very fast. It’s also amazing to see the characters. So first, I think you guys should take a moment to read through each member’s bio so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Each character comes with a Basic Attack set and a Skill set. Secrets are also included. You can help your character defend or attack by touching and swiping. Each action expresses the character’s personality.

Sound and graphics

The shining beauty of this quality MMORPG is its graphics and sound. From the very first images, anime style emerges. There are many characters to choose from, including the male and female leads, as well as the supporting men, women, and boss-level villains. Tales of Luminaria is a great show for capturing each character accurately. Each person is unique, in every way, including their appearance, personality and skills, as well as their weapons and story. You will be taking part in 21 stories, depending on your initial character selection. Tales of Luminaria is able to complete such a difficult task with ease, and it doesn’t leave any character behind. This can be described as a huge success.


Tales of Luminaria’s tale part does a fantastic job, to be honest. Even better are the anime graphics that are sabotaged by sobbing.

While the characters are gorgeous and the scenery is breathtaking, what about the actions, skills, and other aspects?

The PC version does not have the same explosive effects as the PC. It is clear that the character movement is excellent, moving very smoothly, moving back and forth, kicking and flying. The mobile version was too short for me, so I downloaded it.

The charming animation design and background music are complemented by the captivating game’s sound effects. These are soft, low-pitched background sounds, which can be fast or slow, depending on the story’s progress. Those sound effects occur when the weapons collide and the sound that causes the air to swell when there’s a powerful move. This combo is too good, isn’t it?

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Main Features

For people who:

  • Play an epic anime RPG set in a fantasy universe.
  • Played RPG games in the Tales series.
  • You love Japanese anime and video games and you are searching for a new Japanese RPG.
  • Are you in search of a 3D adventure RPG or action RPG?
  • Looking for an anime RPG with many charming characters?
  • Play MMORPGs online and RPGs.
  • You want to play both an action and 3d RPG.
  • RPG Games offer beautiful graphics and images of anime.
  • You want to play an anime adventure RPG they can share with their friends in multiplayer battles.
  • You want to play an anime RPG of high quality.
  • Enjoy Japanese manga and anime.

The Story of Tales of Luminaria

Each of 21 protagonists has a unique purpose and storyline. They must follow the one they believe in. They overcome frustrating obstacles and grow strong despite them!
You can choose a protagonist to help you survive the turbulent world. You will meet many new characters, and you will come to love them.


In this world, prosperity is built by the“Mana”produced by the mysterious giant life form“Primordial Beasts” that transcends human knowledge. Primordial creatures are considered sacred by the Federation. Empire, on the other hand, relies on Primordial Animals to fuel their technology and civilization.

This battle of competing ideas of justice shows the thoughts of friends and foes from many angles.

Act Now

You can explore vast, beautiful locations with cell-like visuals. The game’s sequence was designed to allow for smooth and fast events and battles. You can activate Basic Attack/Technique/ Secret Mystery by tapping and flicking. Each action and operation system has its own characteristics, expressing the characters’ individuality!

Tales of Luminaria Reviews

Elise Nishi: This game is getting a lot of hate. Its controls are awkward. Some characters are better/worse than others and you’re stuck with them for a long time before other characters become available. But I find it hard to dislike this game. It’s a charming story format. We are treated to a few chapters from this large cast of characters.

Alex Espuñes Juberó: Game seems nice. The UI and vertical screen are both nice. It makes it very easy to use with one hand. The combat is not smooth, and there are bugs that prevent me from continuing the story or don’t reward me in the events. This is very worrying.

Asbellx123: This is a great game. I love the fact that I can carry a tales game with me everywhere. This game is a great idea. One problem is that I haven’t been able to unlock all the stones I want and sometimes I don’t get them. Also, I didn’t get the noble pass so I didn’t get any perks.

Brian Smawley: It’s a very interesting take on the gacha method. It’s a nice story and the English voice acting is great. Although I am not sure of the strength, i feel that i am not feeling underpowered so far as a f2p. We hope the events will get some story bits soon. Although combat may not be for everyone and is not an autopilot, I like what they are trying to accomplish.

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