Publisher Moonton,
Category Casual,
Latest Version
Size 115MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On November 25, 2021
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Sweet Crossing Introduction

Welcome to the colorful world of pets and cakes in Sweet Crossing MOD APK, a very attractive casual game by Moonton. Download the game via the links below to get a lovely experience from Sweet Crossing.

Sweet Crossing is the first casual game by Moonton, the publisher is too familiar with Mobile Legends: Adventure gamers. With gameplay similar to the game but with a very lovely graphic design, Sweet Crossing promises to be more successful than the previous popular version of the snake game. This is a playground for who love pets and cute things.



Sweet Crossing MOD APK – Gameplay Screeshot

The gameplay of snake games is probably all too familiar to us. All you need to do is make your snake grow longer and bigger by eating targets along the way or knocking down others.

However, everything becomes new in Sweet Crossing, the world of cute pets and cake, instead of the scary snake. Players can choose from a variety of adorable pets. The preys on the map are colorful sweet candies. It can be said, coming to Sweet Crossing is coming to the paradise of pets and sweet candies!

Also, one thing that makes Sweet Crossing players happy is the smooth and simple moving control. There is virtually no sense of lag or other performance issues. All you need to do is move your finger to send your pet to hunt for delicious cakes or take down your opponents by making them stab your body. Revealing to you, the defeated enemy will drop a lot of candies, this is an extremely attractive booty for you to have a higher score.

Many cute pets


As mentioned above, the characters in Sweet Crossing are tons of super cute pets. There are dozens of pets such as small penguins, baby rabbits, puppies or cats, … All are designed in a very cute style. In addition, with each character, players can choose from different colors or skins.

You can see a rabbit of different colors, an adorable teddy bear or an astronaut penguin. There are many skins and colors to choose from. More specifically, players are also selected for their tail with dishes such as snacks, cakes, … with extremely cute expressions. My heart was conquered by the image of a duckling followed by dozens of candies with an angry expression. That is really cute!

Compete with online players

The most attractive feature of snake games is that you have the opportunity to compete with many other players. Sweet Crossing too, the game takes you to a large playground to compete with hundreds of opponents around the world. Look at the leaderboards to see where you are, as well as the scores of the top players. You can also see the names and flags of other players.


Surely everyone wants to put their name and flag at the top of the rankings. That is extremely proud. There are several ways to help you achieve a higher score. In addition to just eating the regular cakes, players can hunt for double or triple buff items. And remember that the amount of candies falling from defeated enemies brings huge points. Don’t miss it, even if it is someone else’s spoils.


What makes Sweet Crossing so appealing to players compared to other versions of snakes is definitely the cute graphics. All pet characters are designed with lovely 3D animations in the colorful space scenes of cream cakes and sweets. Thus, sometimes it is not necessary to achieve a high score, just seeing pets running and jumping with funny tails is enough to make you feel happy.

Main Features

Build your own unique town! Plan the layout of your town at will. Whether you want to build a lovely town or a magnificent city, it’s all possible here!

  • Smooth Gaming Experience
    Smooth gameplay! No lag issues or performance problems.
    Download right now and start to play!
  • Grow by Eating Sweets
    In the game, you keep hunting for various kinds of food and buffs to get higher score. Making opponents crash into your tail then swallowing their remains is the best way to grab tons of scores! Keep it up!
  • Unlock Adorable Skin
    A tried-and-true game to kill your boredom!
    Penguin, rabbit, puppy, and more animal characters to choose from.
    Various animal characters plus tail skins.
  • Build Your Way to the Top
    Multiple ways to rank up to the top! Eating sweets, getting BUFFs, defeating other players… Which strategy would you choose to win?

Sweet Crossing Reviews

Diệu Anh Phạm: Love it very much, the penguin is definitely the best and cutest thing i have ever seen, i love it, wish they have a pay-in-game option and costume buying for those cute pet

Princess Angela Buenafe: Actually this game was awesome! I can’t believe that Moonton has a io game like this. It’s really cute, for me this game is suitable for any age. Don’t listen to those whose saying that it’s a bad app causethe controls are great the game modes the tails etc. it was a cool and cute app. Thank you so much Moonton! I will never ever be tired of saying that this is the best game I’ve ever played!

Samuel Lawrence Procalia: I can’t say nothing about this game,the games is offline,I like ur new update,the cat companion is open also the whale .unlike on ur previous update u need to watch video to trial or download the companion,i like the game very much!!!thats my only compalin,ty developer(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Marie Grace Gambot: SUPER SUPER cute and kawaii l love it. Pls put more modes and more skins. I would really really appreciate it:). And l loveeeeeeeeeeeee all the skins. And love the sweet home. U can do like everything in sweet home likeeeeee………… Farming,decorating and have fun in this game.!!!! 😊💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 10000000000000000000000000000% cute, kawaii and lovely. And no slight problems in the game. I would fricking give this game a…………… 10000000000000000000000000000000/10.LOVE IT💯

Salabha A2 Roll no.51: I loved this game it was so fun to play and there is a sweet home too i liked that so much only there is one problem that is we need internet to connect this game but thats ok for me …❤❤🌚 This is the best fun sweet game ever i like it …😊😊 download it now its so fun to play this sweet crossing .. And i need more levels to play there is only 2 levels i need more.

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