Publisher Hyper Dot Studios,
Category Action,
Latest Version
Size 122MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On December 16, 2021
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Swamp Attack 2 Introduction

Hyper Dot Studios has created Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK, a defense-oriented action game that uses a swamp (tower) to defend itself. Slow Joe is a cranky, big-fat guy who enjoys the quiet life in the country. He will do whatever it takes to protect his home.

Simple plot, but funny characters

Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK promises many laughs, particularly for those who have never played this non-serious game before. You play Slow Joe, who has a different appearance. He is a big, fat, overweight man, wears strange clothes because of his mixed color, and has a sagging chin. It’s very difficult to approach him. Slow Joe is a sensitive soul. He loves country music and prefers to live slowly and peacefully.


Slow Joe wasn’t left behind by the rest of life. In the woods where Slow Joe’s little house is living, suddenly there are countless enemies coming from the large swamp around, everyone, everything is trying to invade Slow Joe’s house. From here, the story begins. Slow Joe will do anything to protect his home. It’s simple. Swamp Attack 2 can be addictive.

It’s easy to play, but it’s another thing to survive.

Swamp Attack 2’s gameplay is very similar to Plants vs Zombies. Swamp Attack 2 is a persistent battle between the fat guy Slow Joe and countless aggressive “things” from the swamp. To fire an enemy, you just need to touch it on the screen. After that, wait for the reload and then fire again until they are all dead.

Slow Joe’s fat belly with a slow loading time is quite annoying. The enemies from the swamp are getting more and more difficult to deal with. Although he did not tolerate every fight, but then the time when our Slow Joe also had to “surrender” when the enemy was too much. You need to find ways to maximize every corner, time and decide which enemies you want to kill first. Slow Joe could easily become disoriented and die within minutes.

Another problem is the diversity of their enemies. They could be vicious and ferocious alligators that are out to get you, or they could be an ancient tortoise with a chainsaw, a beaver, or even a mutated rodent who can use a gun. How will Slow Joe “swim” in a swamp full of enemies?


How can Joe survive?

Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK is difficult but it also offers many useful items that can be used to aid Joe in his fight. This makes the game more balanced, attractive, and even more enjoyable. Along the way, the fat guy Slow Joe will be able to obtain some weapons of temporary but very powerful value such as ammunition, bombs, mines, explosives, gasoline … These items can explode, killing many enemies over a large area.

And yet another factor that will make you want to explore, is Slow Joe’s arsenal. At first, you’ll only see him using a small gun. Then you will be able to unlock more powerful weapons such as flamethrowers or atomic bombs.

You can make a lot money by playing minigames (Quick Mission) in this game. The appearance of Joe’s cousin, who is a skilled flamethrower expert, and the bearded uncle, who is always carrying dangerous weapons, is often unexpected. And, finally, the grandmother, who is unforgiving in any situation, is also a fierce and unforgiving figure.

All members of the family can take on the boss. Rare games have created such a unique and personal sub-character system. Although they are only briefly visible, the role and personality are much more distinct, bolder, and more witty.

Sound and graphics

Swamp-Attack-2-MOD-APK3Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Swamp Attack 2 uses a 2D design that is similar to the one in Plants vs Zombies. Things here are much more vibrant, colorful and witty. Slow Joe, the main character, makes even the most difficult situations laugh. Enemies are just as bad. Actually, to be fair, a highly addictive factor for me is the mood “looking forward” to the appearance of these monstrous enemies. I’m really curious, I want to see how their face is like. Each one is unique.

And another satirical success factor can’t be overlooked. It’s the sound of the game. Gunshots, flying bullets (Slow Joe and sometimes the enemy’s own), the cry of the swamp monsters (each has a distinctive cry from amphibian bulls, to beaver scorpions). The gentle country music is also used to create this strange sound, which seems completely unrelated with the intense fighting scene. The game scene is more funny because of the peace and freedom that country music brings.

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Main Features

Defend Joe’s Swamp!

These monsters mean business and they’re racing straight towards Joe’s cabin in this awesome tower defense game. First they’re coming for the swamp, then the entire world, so show no mercy and kick them OFF your private property!

Shoot The Monsters!

Evil crocs, grizzlygators, bloodthirsty beasts and rabid rats. They are they mutants? Zombies? All we know is they’re deadly! And they’ll do more than destroy the plants if they get close, so load up your gun and get shooting!

Choose your weapons

Shotguns, rayguns, rockets, bombs, grenades… practice your aim and your archery skills with an extensive range of weapons. Some guns work better against smaller, faster monsters than others. To unleash a monster storm, upgrade your guns.

Meet Joe’s Family

Slow Joe ain’t the sharpest tack in the box and he’s going to need help defending his swamp! Meet the fiery Cousin Welder and the dangerous Uncle Hairy. Combining lethal weapons with family members can make for the most devastating attack.

Explore New Levels & Worlds

Play levels in the Deep South to advance to the Siberian swamps, China and Russia. Different monsters lurk in different regions, and you’ll need strong tactics to defeat some of these zombies, so get ready to fight in this tower defense game!

Swamp Attack 2 Reviews

Devan Brazier: This is a great game. You don’t need to buy anything to finish the levels. I can’t wait to get more content!

Louis Culotta: I enjoyed the first and second games but it was too short for my liking. It also needed more levels. The game took less than a week to complete. Side missions or bonus rounds were necessary.

Alan Dbag: Great game! I loved it and would love to play more levels. 🙂

Vince:It would be amazing if you guys could make a cyberpunk version.

Mario Wolf: Great upgrades starting in the 1st game. It’s a great upgrade! It’s quite enjoyable and good. I will update my review in a week.

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