Sushi Bar Idle Mod Apk

Download Sushi Bar Idle Mod Apk 2.5.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Introduction Game

Sushi Bar Idle Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Coins) latest version free download for Android. This is a free cooking game where players will become a chef making unique sushi dishes, your task in Sushi Bar is to build your own Sushi restaurants around the world and manage that store.

Download and join the Sushi Bar, players start with a small business, then expand in many places around the world. After each subsequent level Sushi ingredients will be added to further complicate. Besides, to keep customers, you must make them satisfied, respond quickly to what they need.

Sushi Bar is an opportunity for players to own the Sushi store chain. Although a time-management game – requiring quick hands and eyes, the strategic element can not be underestimated. Be quick to plan to serve the best diners.

Push Sushi is also a game on the subject of Sushi cuisine, however, it is built in the form of puzzle intelligence, in Push Sushi you will have to find a way to put Sushi pieces over all obstacles to reach the exit.

Serving diners and bringing joy to them will help Sushi Bar players earn money. This money is used to buy furniture, upgrade equipment with the goal of improving food quality and serving customers faster than before because the number of customers is increasing.

68iY2Nr - Sushi Bar Idle 2.5.1 (Unlimited Coins)Sushi Bar Idle APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Clicking this game is very intuitive to play and has easy mobile control
  • Start a sushi competitive business, earn as much money as you can and get rich!
  • Funny upgrades in this game: lots of surprises are waiting for you!
  • Time and dedication will help grow this restaurant business and turn it into an empire of Japanese art of food preparation: Hire your own staff and build a high-end fast-food chain home line
  • Do not forget to share your game scores with your friends on Facebook, Twitter

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Reviews Of Game

Cam Cam: I really love this game idk why, the simplicity makes it great. I just wish there was more content, you may not read these but could you maybe add daily challenges like what you have for the holiday events. Also more upgrades and another planet would be awesome! Thanks for the great game good luck.

Abion Stevens: One of my favourite offline games, while it does have a lot of adds most of them are optional in exchange for helpful power ups. The only disadvantage is that the game sometimes sticks for a long time after an ad is finished

Darya Yazdanmehr: Very addictive. Just a shame there’s so many ads. Everything you do you need to watch an ad (even if you do pay to remove ads). Time consuming and it really drains your battery. Yet I do keep playing as I am enjoying it.

Stephinie Miller: This game is so amazing I mean I wish that it was like I could download it every single day because like it’s so cool I don’t like sushi but Becky makes me like really like the game pictures of amazing so you’re seeing this you should download this game like seriously it’s amazing bye

ChroMeDoMe: Very fun and time consuming. I wish I could give more stars due to I saw the Mortal Kombat reference in there. Hanzo Hisashi is his name. You have a unlockable named Hanzo who just so happens to be a ninja….. I love it. Keep it up!