Publisher Naxeex LLC,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 4.0.3
Size 99MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On September 24, 2022
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Stickman Rope Hero Introduction

Stickman Rope Hero from publisher Naxeex is literally a classic stickman game. And many more interesting things. That means you will own a superhero stickman, with enough talent and wisdom to do many unexpected things. You will also have a rope and many other powerful weapons. Fighting, killing enemies and enjoying the results is what you will do with your stickman warrior.

Stickman Rope Hero MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The gameplay in Stickman Rope Hero is quite diverse. Not one but a combination of several different forms. You can role-play when you become a Stickman character. There is adventure when traveling through many different cities. There are simulation games when the hero can interact with many objects and NPC characters in the city. Of course, the fighting element is indispensable with fierce fighting scenes between Stickman Rope Hero and street criminals. Then there is racing again when the hero constantly uses the vehicles on the road to chase criminals and perform attractive races.

Stickman in this Stickman Rope Hero game has the ability to use extraordinary proficiency a special weapon: ropes of all kinds. If you don’t know what rope can be used for other than whipping, just come here and let Stickman “teach” it. He can use the rope to travel to lofty positions, and then land as smoothly as a cat. You can use the rope to swing around and even fly into the air. You just imagine this guy’s wire tool is part of the spider’s web in Spider Man for easy understanding. The rope is also used to hurl enemies in the blink of an eye, turning them one step into ash. Well, sometimes they are also armed, so be careful and choose the right weapon.

The 3D world in Stickman Rope Hero is depicted clearly, vividly and with quite a lot of attractive physics simulation, especially in encounters with enemies, kicking cars or stepping on cars to start racing on the highway. . The space in the game is also very large, we can freely go everywhere to do whatever we like to explore and enjoy.

Main Features

  • The store has different skins for your hero:
  • The original red stickman is the base skin of a warrior.
  • Business skin
  • dress up like a serious businessman.
  • A suit for every day
  • will help you merge with the crowd.
  • Beach suit
  • in case of a good mood.

Stickman Rope Hero Reviews

John Z.: I like the game. Im a total gamer and because of this ill let you know that the tanks health is way way too low, spawn rate of enemies is too high, it should be at least every 30 seconds, and you should add a way so that you can adjust the controls. Anyone who reads this The glitch you can fix it by going to settings and turning up view distance and you can adjust the traffic density. Either way, this game is great just add more quests the higher your level is.

Rafa’s Adventures: The game is extremely nice, the game is a little glitchy at first but then the graphics get to change. there are a lot of cars to steal. The one thing that I don’t like is that when I am riding a motorcycle sometimes there is always and invisible object and I always have to keep backing up. I also wish that you can go in buildings. The old one was a little better than this one because there are stores and u can enter your house, but now u cannot. I’m not so impressed on the new update.

Adam Abqary Mohd Noor: Great game. But it would even better if it online multiplayer. And the update did make it a bit difficult but I learned to deal with it so to who are saying the update made it unplayable. Please just give this game a nother chance. Also drones would be so cool. You just use a drone to shoot enemies with out putting your self in danger.

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