star dash studios maths games mod apk

Star Dash Studios: Maths Games Mod Apk 1.0.7 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Star Dash Studios: Maths Games Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Star Dash Studios is a free smartphone game which encourages people to practise their number skills and appreciate the value of everyday maths.

You play as a runner on a movie set, and you complete challenges for members of the film crew – these missions involve everyday maths.

Star Dash Studios is first and foremost a game, however it does encourage players to think mathematically. This ‘maths by stealth’ approach in a gaming app for young adults is – we believe – unique. We think it could have great applications in the classroom to help keep kids engaged, or students could use it at home.

lGIf55p - Star Dash Studios: Maths Games 1.0.7 (Unlimited Money)Star Dash Studios: Maths Games Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Voiced by YouTube star Chris Kendall.
  • Runner: Start your training on the film set by solving puzzles and running around the studio avoiding obstacles and collecting the right number of coins.
  • Stunt Double: Learn to set the ramps in the right position to make the motorcycle stunt a success.
  • Make Up Artist: Mentally work out when to set the clock so that the extra gets on the film set at the right time.
  • Key Grip: Use mental arithmetic to solve number puzzles to balance the weights on the camera rig.
  • Special Effects: Challenge yourself to set the rocket at the right angle to launch with a bang.
  • Props Designer: Practise your skills with figures as you work out how much wood to cut, training your eye to estimate the measurements.

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Reviews Of Game

Stef921048: A little introduction Some of the mathematical concepts need to be explained/taught, however briefly. I’m terrible at percentages and have no idea what I’m doing, so you can imagine my vague frustration at the accountant who keeps telling me in doing the tasks wrong. I just need a little guidance mate. I’m new to this.

Haase-Sport: Star Dash Estimations… I saw this app advertised in the news and thought I would try it out for my children (honest!). There are a few areas that need correcting, namely the estimations. For example helping the special effects expert launching the rocket at 65% was very random. I think even with a protractor it would be difficult. Maybe increase the dead band? Same applies to cutting the wood. The games a great idea but needs to be accurate.

REMgamer: Great runner game mixed with mini game quests and challenges. The speed picks up as you improve so it becomes fast and furious, also you can do extra maths puzzles and quizzes if you like them and want to earn more coins! My favourite is paying the extras wages. Love this challenge. Fun learning and maths practice online for free.