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Category Simulation,
Latest Version 3.9.4
Size 68MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On November 24, 2021
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Snoopy’s Town Tale Introduction

Even though you may not have seen the Snoopy cartoon yet, I guarantee that at least one person has seen this adorable Snoopy Dog. The world of Snoopy Dog, as you might not realize, is equally lovely and beautiful. Play Snoopy’s Town Tale MOD APK to experience all that fresh beauty.

Create a Peanuts town filled with the classic Peanuts characters

A game about cartoon characters from childhood

Snoopy’s Town Tale is a city building simulation game. The overall spirit of the game is vibrant, joyful, bustling, and very lovable. Above all, this is not an ordinary city, but a dreamlike “land” of Snoopy and his friends.


A game that is based on animated cartoons usually has two benefits: connection and flashback. The game allows you to interact with the characters that you love and recall old stories from the original film. So is Snoopy’s Town Tale.

When you see Peanuts characters like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Schroeder, Peppermint Patty and Woodstock, childhood memories are brought back to life. All of them get along, meet, talk, hold hands, and do all this together. The surrounding scenery is both familiar, and charming.


Snoopy (you), as a newcomer, in a beautiful land, will create a rich, vibrant, and bustling town with many activities. It takes very little to build a town. For example, place a banner to mark the territory, build a small house for Snoopy, build a big house for Charlie Brown, then go to a series of colorful attractions such as baseball fields, skating rinks…


Snoopy’s Town Tale MOD APK – Gameplay Screeshot

Things get even more dramatic when Snoopy encounters a little Red Riding Hood, the town’s brand-new resident. Our Snoopy now no longer sits in vain daydreams or builds ruins anymore, but has actually become a passionate “Chairman of the Welcome Committee”. The newcomer’s presence has brought new life into everyone here, especially Snoopy. To make the city look its best, he began to renovate and build new buildings.

Snoopy must continue to collect materials and accumulate experience points through completing small tasks in the game. He also needs to make important decisions: which one to build first, how to allocate helpers appropriately, how to distribute resources for each project… Thinking carefully with clever arrangement, placing the details, choosing the right space and location, you will slowly build up Snoopy City, the city of childhood dreams, in your own way.

Enjoy what it is you create


If you still think with this scale, the town is not very grandiose and probably doesn’t have much to challenge, I advise you to change your thinking immediately. In Snoopy’s Town Tale, there are hundreds of large and small quests. You can build and develop your city from scratch, just as you would in a comic book. You are free to design and build everything you want.

Combine with a selection of furniture with only two hundred and a few lovely items, plant trees, build a yard, have fun with friends, enjoy attractions created by yourself, picnic, camp with friends, go to school, wander along the river to enjoy the wind… Everything that used to make you happy in the comic book or cartoon Snoopy is now hilariously recreated in this game from landmarks, names, to the most ridiculous games of Snoopy and his gang.

Main Features

  • Create a village and a Peanuts World
  • You can design and build a city or explore famous locations inspired by comics.
  • Rebuild, decorate and craft attractions like Charlie Brown’s house, the baseball field and the skating rink and expand the village for a new simulation adventure
  • This simulator allows you to build a house for Snoopy and more than 200 decorations.

Building beautiful houses in towns:

  • It is difficult to build a city. It takes hard work and a lot of experience to complete every quest successfully.
  • Peanuts fans will be pleased with the construction of the city: the building simulator is an exact copy of the comics!
  • You have the opportunity to complete every quest and task to help your village grow.

Pet Simulator Adventure

  • Snoopy took his family along to see his doghouse.
  • Play dog games with Spike and Belle, the Peanuts pup beagles in the neighborhood

In this free simulation, you can build a city with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his classmates.

Snoopy’s Town Tale Reviews

Teresa Galerneau: It won’t let me open the game I just downloaded. It gives internet error message. Developers, thank you for your reply. I was able to log into the game and start playing. Graphics problems are causing me some difficulty as characters don’t always appear fully. This could be my tablet, as it has been around for a while.

Indri Wijaya: This game is adorable and brings joy to my child. Pixowl Customer Support was very helpful and provided excellent services. Pixowl is one of the most popular game companies.

Circle Simp: This game is my favorite! It’s so entertaining to me. I have an idea for an update. Can you guys make it offline? That would be awesome.

Shelbs1972: This is a great game. Although progress can be slow sometimes, I have been playing this game for quite some time. If you persevere and are persistent, you will eventually acquire things. A yearbook, or something similar, would be great to have so that you can go back to past events and buy items that were not available during that event. This is something that I was thinking about. Keep up the incredible work! It is my favorite thing!!

Heather Evans: I LOVE this game, I grew up watching peanuts & their comics were always in the news paper. I am disappointed by the delay in updating. I tried to get on to play last night & it was updating. It wasn’t a big deal so I just decided to get on it this morning. NOPE! I’m still updating !!!! Why is it taking so long?

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