snooker stars mod apk

Snooker Stars Mod Apk 4.98 (Unlimited Money)

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    Snooker Stars - 3D Online Sports Game
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    Unlimited Money
  • Platforms
    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Snooker Stars Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Try downloading and experiencing with Snooker Stars – the most realistic billiard shooting simulation game for smartphones and tablets, Snooker Stars is simple enough for anyone to play, but complex enough for you. It takes a long time to master.

Physical motion is at the heart of any Snooker or Billiard game. So this is why Snooker Stars is built with revolutionary physical control mechanism. Sympathy to ensure to bring players the most authentic experience. Every movement is meticulously cared for so it has a very high accuracy.

The makers of Snooker Stars have created a simple and vivid touch control system that makes the player feel like they are directly involved in billiard shooting. Not to mention that the image is designed with extremely advanced animation technology, every movement of the ball is very smooth and real.

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Snooker Stars players can practice their snooker shooting skills through single player mode. Or challenge other players in online matches. Each time you win an online match, you will get closer to the top position in the world Snooker village. Moreover, you can create yourself a Snooker club with friends on Facebook and participate to win prizes in online team matches.

2QEpM9D - Snooker Stars 4.98 (Unlimited Money)Snooker Stars Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Real feeling of playing snooker
  • Physics that rock
  • Huge sports career
  • Head-to-head matches
  • World online league
  • Your friends are there

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Reviews Of Game

Geoffrey Jackson: The game is outstanding but in the 8 ball were you call all the shots it looks like there are two 8 balls.

Tshiamo Jaybee: The game is super exciting and there’s always new things to explore new challenges each day

Subodh Kumar: It is too early to rate it fully but till now good. Some good quality and powerful que should be given free in the beginning only. Their should be clear distinction between blue and black ball.Though something different from other similar games. But this types of table board requires more aiming power. Good ques are very expensive. In my opinion people will play for longer if aiming power of ques should be increased at least ten times more.

Zach Day: It’s hard to find an app with snooker and 8 ball. I primarily play snooker, but it’s nice to have the variety. The game itself is definitely pay to win which can be quite frustrating at times when opponents have overpowered cues. Aside from that, the gameplay is good. Having discovered snooker through YouTube, this game actually does a pretty good job of teaching you the basic rules of the game.