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Download Smash Hit Mod Apk 1.4.3 (Unlimited Balls/Premium)

  • Name
    Smash Hit
  • Publisher
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  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Balls, Premium
  • Platforms
    Android 2.3+

Introduction Game

Smash Hit Mod Apk (Unlimited Balls, Premium). It can be said that the concept of running a circuit on the endless road and collecting gold coins of the “endless runner” genre has its own appeal, but it cannot be denied that the appearance of so many has made players begin to feel somewhat boring. However, Smash Hit – the latest game from manufacturer Mediocre AB has changed this concept with a first-person perspective, pictures of glitter glass blocks and a free-to-play system that operates one. Very impressive way.

The idea that the game takes only a few minutes to grasp – you’re sliding down an endless pipe and to be able to survive, you must accurately throw the marble into the glass blocks that appear along the way. If you hit the glass blocks, you will get 3 more stones, they are also a measure of your life because you will have to end the game when there are no more stones.

With more than 50 screens and 11 separate design styles, players will not be bored when constantly encountering the same game screen as other similar genre games. Although with a large number of levels, when you lose, you will have to start again without being able to continue at the checkpoints as a reward and you will have to buy the game’s Premium package for $ 1.99 if you want to get calculated. this feature.

The success factor of Smash Hit not only comes from simple control, but also thanks to the enchanting world that you will not want to ignore.

tKXnLM7 - Smash Hit 1.4.3 (Unlimited Balls, Premium)Smash Hit Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path. And experiencing the best destruction physics on mobile devices.
  • Musically synchronized gameplay: music and audio effects change to suit each stage, obstacles move to each new tune.
  • Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage.

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Reviews Of Game

Muntaha Siddika: Really a great game I played this all the time Anna might be the best game on mobile right now the people that made it did a really good job on this game. And it looks really real the glass is so realistic-looking. There’s nothing to complain bad about it it is really good really nice and I give a 5-star rating cuz it’s just so realistic-looking and really nice

Robotocraftino: I don’t see why people hate this game so much. The game itself plays really well! The biggest complaint about this game is the premium. To start I find it odd that in many new games people will spend money without caring. This makes question why people complain about a two dollar purchase. A modern example of this is Mario Kart Tour, you may pay HUNDREDS of dollars and not get a single character you want. In smash hit it is a one time cheap purchase to enjoy a small developers game.

Pat Scanlon: I’m not really a “phone game” type of guy but there is just something special about this one. Catartic and adictive at the same time. I absolutely love it. It’s a game that you can still enjoy playing even after yoy “beat it”. Because you can keep attempting to beat your best distance or beat a certain level with more balls. It’s also a good way to simply “zone out” and focus on something else when you need it.