Slither.IO Mod Apk

Download Slither.IO Mod Apk 1.4.8 (Full, Ad-Free)

Introduction Game

Slither.IO Mod APK (Full, Ad-Free) latest version free download for Android. This is an improved snake hunting game, gamers will experience the online game mode, and who will be the longest snake and top the rankings. is one of the biggest social networking games on the planet and with the support of millions of gamers, the development team decided to bring this legendary “snake hunt” to the store. application. Currently, has more than 10 million downloads and more than 470,000 absolute reviews.

Compared to the classic Snake game on the “brick” phone that 8x gamers are very familiar with, can be said to be a spectacular breakthrough in both gameplay and graphics. For example, instead of playing alone, allows you to play on a large “honeycomb” game map with other players. This means, you must be connected to the Internet for your phone before the game and immediately after entering the nickname, the game will quickly put you on the “battlefield” with a lot of snakes – also games another player has a colorful appearance, even looks very “hideous”. They constantly move on the screen to look for prey and the more they eat, the longer they become. However, it is important to note that if your snake’s head hits an opponent’s animal it will explode and you will lose.

EuaoiK4 - Slither.IO 1.4.8 (Full, Ad-Free)Slither.IO APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Play free snake game on the browser.
  • Pictures of beautiful colorful snakes.
  • Show rankings of players who get high scores.
  • Play online in real time with many other players.

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Reviews Of Game

Layla Petten: This is a amazing app I think you should get it if you are looking for a fun and interesting game to play because there is one that that you do not need to have Wi-Fi (ai) mode and then is one that that they would recmond Wi-Fi (online) also you can make you one skin’s or use the ones they make for you I love this game I hope you do to.

Shirlyn Budhan: This is a very good game. I play this game every day nonstop the only bad thing about it is the advertisement sometimes. Once in a while advertisement does appear it it anoy s me because I always want to continue with the amazing game . Hope everyone can take this app as amazing as I do

Charlotte Anderson: This game is so great! I just can’t stop, it is so addicting.😄 the only thing I am not liking that much is how much people give themselves inappropriate nicknames with swear words and such, so I would not suggest this game for children between 6 and 11. Perhaps you could change the nickname choices? Like a name randomizer you could click on until it comes up with something you like, with just silly names like friendly goat or explosive sandwich. It would make the game more appropriate.