Publisher Aliboo Studio,
Category Casual,
Latest Version 1.3.7
Size 45MB
MOD Features no
Requirements Android 4.4++
Updated On August 16, 2022
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Silent Castle Introduction

Do you want to play a horror multiplayer game? Download Silent Castle Mod APK (No Ads) now and enjoy a fun game. Here, you can be a survivor or a Soul Reaper today.


There are many fun games today that you can enjoy anytime you want. If you love playing games, there are so many incredible games to enjoy now.

Whatever genre you want to play, there are so many of them that you can enjoy, like racing, RPG, action, puzzle, and horror. If you’re searching for the best horror multiplayer game, you can download Silent Castle now and enjoy.

This is one of the best games to play when looking for a horror game today. You’ll be randomly playing as a survivor or a Soul Reaper, each with different roles.

As a survivor, your role is to select your bed and protect your room from the Soul Reaper trying to get in. As the Soul Reaper, your role is to attack the doors of the rooms to eliminate the survivors. This is a fun game that you can enjoy right now with your friends!

Fun Multiplayer Game

Silent-Castle-APK1Silent Castle Mod APK _ Gameplay Screenshot

There are many fun games today that you can play and enjoy anytime you want. If you’re a fan of RPG games, there are so many to choose from and enjoy.

Many games will let you enjoy a fun way to make the most out of your time. If you’re a horror game junkie, you can download so many of them right now. With Silent Castle Mod APK, you can enjoy a multiplayer horror game today.

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends and random people, then this is it. It’s like Among Us, where you’ll be able to play with a random role against real players.

Here, you’ll be able to play as either a survivor or the Soul Reaper today. In this game, you’ll be able to play as a survivor where your goal is to defend your room with all your might. But the Soul Reaper will need to eliminate everyone in the room.

This is a game with different props and equipment that can be used. Can you survive and win?

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Main Features

  • Different modes: You can choose to be a survivor or a Soul Reaper
  • Lots of powerful props and equipment: Get more gold and strategies to use different props, different characters can make the props work better!
  • MVP rewards: Be the winner!! More rewards are waiting!
  • Begginer Login Reward: Reward for exploring the castle for the first time!


  • If a red countdown appears, leave the corridor right away or no one will be able to guarantee your safety in the castle.
  • Please do not follow other people into the room. If you enter a room and find someone in bed, leave the room as soon as possible. If you cannot leave the room, please start the game again.
  • Go to bed after entering the room and get gold by sleeping, you can use your gold to build equipment. Don’t get out of bed no matter what happens, and don’t get out of bed if IT breaks in
  • If a Soul Reaper breaks the door, press the repair button to fix it.
  • If you find that the light in someone’s room is broken, don’t check the room and don’t take anything from the room.
  • There are secret rooms in the castle, if you step in it by chance- leave immediately. If you spend coins on those mysterious props, it can’t be sure that the Soul Reaper will not go mad——.
  • Taking pictures and shooting videos in the castle are forbidden. Once caught, you will not be able to enter the castle.

Silent Castle Reviews

Colin Smith: I really like this game. Wish there was more levels. And less ads. But I did manage to make it all the way to the 15th level in the last 48hrs. Even though I dealt with the games crashing many, many times. Can I get a free ad free pack? cause your game says only 3 people got that far, and google play says it was downloaded half a million times. ? maybe?

Spiteful Bagels: I personally enjoyed the game before the update, and to be honest I love it even more now. The update makes it a little more challenging and gives more reason to earning gems and playing more often. I do wish there was a way to toggle how you moved, besides that I really enjoy this game still. Heads up there are a lot of adds, but airplane mode takes care of them.

William Verburg-Cunningham: This is a great game. I truly enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone and I did experience one issue. I was in a game where I had reached the maximum upgrade for everything and I could not defeat the reaper. He couldent defeat me either. He was lvl17 and we have been in a stalemate for something like 4 or 5 hours. I kept removing buildings and making more fully upgraded turrets. I tried trapping him too. Nothing worked. I finally just quit. Will play again. Thought I should report the stalemate.

Download Silent Castle APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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