Publisher Dunia Games,
Category Shooter,
Latest Version 1.39
Size 484MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On December 5, 2021
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Shellfire: MOBA FPS Introduction

Shellfire: MOBA FPS APK is a game that combines the best of both FPS and MOBA. Dunia Games, an Indonesian developer, released the game. Shellfire on the mobile version can be described as Overwatch for the PC.

You are the only survivor

Dawn Guards are a place where people can gather to despair. They help people reach their full potential and strive for peace. It is hard when they are faced with opposition. It’s Revenant Corp, people with ambition and try to rule the world in any way. It causes a fierce battle that determines the survival of humanity.

Shellfire-MOBA-FPS-APK-1Shellfire: MOBA FPS APK – Gamrplay Screenshot

A game like this is where the story is just as important as the gameplay. Publisher has made the game even more enjoyable by telling a rich, detailed story.

Unique gameplay

Each teammate and you will choose the best hero to represent the location on the map. Each hero will be assigned a role, such as Attack or Tanker. Support is another example. Combination of elements from FPS and MOBA games by Shellfire.

FPS games use a similar control system. There is a virtual key that allows you to move and shoot, as well as some skills keys. To defeat the enemy team, you will need to work with your teammates. You can also unlock and upgrade an auxiliary Jade in the Dengan Rune Master Program through the Arena of Valor.

Character system

Shellfire: MOBA FPS APK is hero system is quite similar to that of MOBA Heroes. You protect your allies while taking damage from the enemy as a Tanker. Attack is the primary damage taker. He will attack and kill the target. Support, who protect Attack is responsible to buff HP, mana, as well as increasing damage to allies. Shellfire continuity introduced new heroes that have different skills to compliment the existing heroes.

New challenges, new ways

As with some MOBA titles, Shellfire‘s 5v5 Battle mode is split into two categories: normal and rank. While you can participate in regular matches, you can also play in custom matches with your friends, as well as facing Al enemies and solo.

In ranking mode you can compete with up to 4 of your peers. Your goal is to improve your ranking. Multiplayer mode allows you to invite up to two additional people. A newly added mode that gives you a new experience is the Zombie Rush, where you’ll join the 10 rounds, beat the bloodthirsty zombies to win many exciting rewards. Some of the featured modes such as Death Match or Escord can be enjoyed, as well.


Impressive design

It is very impressive. Shellfire is amazing. Although mobile games are not as good as PC games this game still makes me smile. Interestingly, Shellfire’s maps are constantly changing according to each match, has its own unique features, opening up various tactics for teams to exploit.

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Main Features

Game Battle Mode

  • The current mode allows you fight 5 against 5. For the best kills, you can choose from all Game Escort battle mode, Death Match, Capture, and Death Match. ShellFire provides everything you need

Zombie Rush Bonus Mode

  • Ten rounds intense competition! There is no worse nightmare than this! To claim an attractive prize, beat ZombieBOSS and earn a reward you cannot even imagine.

Rune Game Feature

  • You will be stronger than your opponent if you combine the three types Rune Attack Defense and Support. You will be No.1 in either the Game Mode and Rank Match.

Badge / Game Emblem Feature

  • To earn experience, take down all enemies in each game mode. This will give you more Batches. A character bonus will be given to you that can help you reach the top.

Every Week: The Most Recent Heroes and Skins

  • With every update, you can obtain the most current Heroes and Skins. Every skill comes with its own set of sensations and fantasies. Be a winner.

Shellfire: MOBA FPS review

Hanel Ledesma: This game is great. It has been fun for nearly a week. It has a bug that makes the game difficult to play. When i first started it, I thought it was a hide & seek game. It isn’t. So far, the design has been excellent. I wish you…

Heinrich Amadeus HW: This game has been in my possession for one year. I had enough storage so I deleted it. Once I have enough storage, I download it again. It won’t let you play the app. Or am I doing something wrong Or, just bug ?…

Yato Vtuber: This is probably the closest you’ll get to a paladins or overwatch game for mobile 📱 but I have to say this game is pretty amazing even tho there is some bugs but other than that it is a very good game (definitely recommend)

I am the Scarlet Queen: This is my favorite mobile hero game. It’s a fun game that you can play, even though the audio quality could be better.

Nambi Rajan: This game is amazing and keeps me hooked.

Download Shellfire: MOBA FPS APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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