Publisher Fansipan Limited,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.16.51
Size 178MB
MOD Features No Skill CD, God mode
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On March 29, 2022
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Shadow Knight Premium Introduction

Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK tells the story of heroism in the world Harmonia. Humans, Undeads, Spirits and Dwarves lived on this beautiful and colorful planet from time immemorial. One day, disaster struck, darkness rose to invade all lands, turning the place into a sea of ​​fire of greed and making everything sink in suffering.


You will be the Dark Hero, the world’s only hope left. Your character will do the hero’s duty: fight countless terrifying monsters, save Harmonia from destruction, and bring light back to all species.

Shadow-Knight-Premium-MOD-APK1Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Do you know this apocalyptic scenario, or are you just starting to learn about it?

Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK has almost all the situations that cause the apocalypse in many games or movies that we’ve ever known: monster, aliens, zombie, terminator.

Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK, according to the public’s opinion, is one of the action role-playing mobile games that thousands of players love. The entire game is about saving the Harmonia world from the past. Each level is made up of many scenes. This journey spans many levels. The main focus of the journey is the fierce battles between Knights, and the monsters from darkness.

It is exciting to slash when playing Shadow Knight Premium. The Dark Knight character capital has enough skills to run and jump like a real Ninja in many different scenes. During battle rounds they will be able to acquire many types of equipment, including weapons, superior skills and even equipment that can be used to increase their power.

How the controls are laid out will determine how good the game experience is. The control layout is simple and straightforward, so you can focus fully on the screen and grasp the situation. You can also fight the monsters with ease. Shadow Knight Premium excels at this task. The game makes it easy to control your character. The horizontal screen can be divided into two parts. On the left you will see the cluster of movement directions and on the right the buttons for skills.

Strengthening your character’s power


Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK includes 4 classes, each with different weapons, abilities, and powers.

  • Noah: Noah’s main weapon is the sword. He has strong melee abilities and high damage.
  • Ashley: Ashley specializes in guns. She can strike from a distance with very high accuracy.
  • Hector is a muscular warrior who only uses his hands to fight, but has the ability to do great damage.
  • Lucius: An assassin who can assassinate using a multitude of sharp blades.

Your character will be upgraded and soul pieces are collected by defeating the monsters. The Shadow Warrior’s upgrade path will depend on the class that was selected at the start to further enhance its specialized skills. As with every level, the skillset changes. The number of combat combinations will increase in power, fervor, and variety.

Players will receive two characters for each match. They can switch between many enemies and use their flexibility to switch between them. Each character, in addition to level-based skills, also acquires much special equipment through passing scenes or hunting for treasure chests such as armor, shoes, belts, hats… All equipment in Shadow Knight Premium is divided into 6 categories: Normal, Rare, Premium, Unique, Legendary, and Ultimate. The equipment can also become stronger if it is loaded with enhancement stones, or when you combine multiple rarely used items, it can create a new, more powerful item.

Attractive game modes


Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK provides 3 game modes for players: Story, Survival, and Passage.

  • Story mode: This allows you to follow the events that have been set up in the game. There are many levels available and many scenes to conquer to save the planet.
  • Passage mode: There are three difficulty levels. The stage you pass will allow you to gather gold resources, enhancement stones and other necessary materials to equip yourself before moving on to the next mode.
  • Survival Mode: There are many battles that are broken into multiple turns. Each turn is more difficult. Every turn, the opponent will have a multitude of monsters that become increasingly dense. This is your chance to earn points, get rewards for your character, and place your name on the prestigious ranks.

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Main Features

Extreme Game Feeling

  • You will feel the action rpg feeling in dark fantasy world setting. You can explore many terrain types by running, climbing and jumping. There are fascinating mysteries waiting for you!

Adventure Fantasy Story

  • The dark fantasy world will take you into endless shadow battles. You will be immersed in a dark fantasy world with monsters, zombies and skeletons. You can defeat the most powerful enemies to change the destiny of the world.

Get stylish

  • To make your Shadow Knight stand out among other knights, collect the best weapons, equipment, and runes from hundreds of different items. Get involved in the adventure to create crazy combats for Your Knight!

Completion of missions can earn you rewards

  • Many quests to complete. Complete them all to receive as many rewards as you can. Don’t forget to complete more than 100 achievements. You will receive rewards for completing quests that provide gem, energy, key ,…, and other rewards.

Upgrades are easy

  • While you’re gone, your knights continue to train and collect resources to upgrade. Your knights will be stronger and have gained new skills. Build and train a strong team that is ready to face any challenge!

Shadow Knight Premium Reviews

Syn Phynx: All games have to be paid to win. But for me, this game has been given ADS facilities. It is not difficult to get weapons or armor, which is unlike other games. Although this random is very simple, I want to experience how much fun it is.

Afras Ali: Your game was so great that we played it again and I have recommended it to friends. I then recommended this game to YouTube comments. They were eager to read it, and I later saw that there were 1.8k comments praising the game. I have no problem watching the ads. You really do deserve it. it never gets boring. It’s really an enjoyable and rewarding gaming experience.🥰

Jordan Kiho: My favorite game on playstore ….bt it would have been better if other heroes could be unlocked without that many requirements… but other than that, all is good. It’s sad that this game will.become. Pay to play

Ken Azka: It’s a great game, i love it, but I cannot report other players. I have found a player with an inappropriate nickname and want to report him. THIS IS MY NEW REVIEW. Thank you for responding “Fansipan Limited. I have an idea. Why not make fantasy movies from characters in this game? What do YOU think??

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