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Download Rovercraft Mod Apk 1.40 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Rovercraft Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). RoverCraft Race Your Space Car is a racing game, developed by Mobirate Ltd, has a unique and interesting gameplay. Your task is still to show your ability to drive through rough terrain. But compared to games of the same genre, such as Hills of Steel, the new point is that players will design their own car.

To do that, in the game RoverCraft Race Your Space Car, players will have to combine the module each part together. You need to use creativity and how to balance the car when traveling. Afterwards, take your work to the challenge on the terrain of different planets.

spPM8SU - Rovercraft 1.40 (Unlimited Money)Rovercraft Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Play with your RoverCraft over three games modes: Planets, Challenges and Tournaments.
  • Hundreds of Challenges are waiting for you for an endless and addictive fun !
  • Ride and Drive your crafted whip through the planets and discover a wonderful and colorful journey
  • Thousand of items and coins to collect to craft your dream rover and have a crazy rover truck
  • Multiplayer mode with everyday tournaments against the players all around the world.
  • Spin our Wheel to get everyday gifts and rewards !
  • Assembling your car has never been so fun ! From assembling reactors, engines, wheels and turbo !
  • Collect Trophies and impress your friends
  • Don’t Be afraid of the Dirt ! Play it dirty with your big monster truck rover and gas it up !
  • Bring your vehicle into the galaxy and astro ! cross the planet with your crafted car and conquer the stars but don’t get out of gas !
  • Had a big day ? Treat yourself with an insane hill climbing game !
  • Assemble piece by piece your rover, with our tiled system, it’s easy and simple ! Ready to stunt your new Rovercraft ?
  • Upgrade your vehicle and the fun never stops with updates all the time and new maps.
  • Assemble piece by piece your rover, with our tiled system, it’s easy and simple!

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Reviews Of Game

Dude Wassup: This is one of the best games I’ve ever played I don’t know why it’s not a five star game. great job fantastic keep up the good work thank you. So I beat all the levels. I bought everything you can buy. I’ve upgraded everything you could get. can you make some new planets or moons so I got something new to conquer come out with some new stuff to add.

Kyle Baisden: I love games where you can build something dumb and have fun with it and where you can trial and error levels, and this game delivers. It’s a little grindy, and some of the early levels are harder to finish than the way later levels, but still a solid game

Nathaniel Zaharia: It’s really fun, but i wish the controls weren’t right at the very edges of the screen, it makes for an awkward holding position. But, more than that I find it frustrating that I lose the level if my battery dies even if I have enough speed to complete the level. Or I’ll have enough speed to get the next energy pick up, but still lose. If that gets fixed I’ll edit to 5 stars!