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Download Rope Around Mod Apk 1.0.5 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Rope Around Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No Ads, Unlocked). Rope Around is an interesting puzzle game when you have to use a rope and connect all the lights in straight and folded segments and light them. The game has a lot of levels to challenge players as well as a colorful interface to choose from, simple to play but not easy to conquer all the puzzles.

In Rope Around you will use a string and use it wisely to connect all the lights together by kinking. The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to use your finger touch to connect the light bulbs in the fastest time. Whether you can solve all the puzzles in the game or not, stay calm to pass the screen. A lot of people have tried to download and experience this interesting puzzle game, and consider it a very good intellectual game.

Rope Around is a great mechanic game because it trains you to think geometry, the lights are really messy and you can not control them, but if you master the rules you will master it. The unique thing is that you never know how the end of the string will move, that’s the challenge.

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Na8Nxpc - Rope Around 1.0.5 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)Rope Around Apk Game

Game Features

  • Leave the hardest until last. Once in a while, you will see a level where one pin is much harder to get than the others. Instead of wasting time trying to rope the hardest pin first, rope everything else and come back to this one at the end.
  • Rope ‘Around’. This may not sound like a tip, but nobody says you have to put a rope around every single pin. If you wrap your rope around every pin except the last one, then all you need to do is walk into the last pin and it will light up.
  • Ignore Symmetry. Some levels are purposely symmetrical to throw you off. You need not run your rope in the same direction to light up both sides. Ignore what you previously did and just try to light up the pins as if it was a new level.
  • Remember to double wrap. Once you have lit up a pin, it doesn’t matter how many more times you wrap yourself around. You should use this to change the angle of your approach and move onto the next pin.
  • Tension is everything. I am not saying gameplay is tense, instead think of your rope like a real section of a string. If it’s loose, then it will sag into an area you don’t want it to. So keep it taught and tight and wrap around pins in a certain way to maintain this tension.

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Reviews Of Game

Drey Castrov: This is a fun game to pass the time, but it seems we can’t escape greedy companies who just can’t make a game without having some kind of predatory advertisement system or monetization system that stops you from playing the way you want unless you watch an ad or pay them. This is still one of the less predatory mobile games I’ve tried. Atleast it hasn’t made me watch an ad inbetween every level or 2 so far. I’ve only played a few levels.

Les Limes: Really cool app, Puzzles are great, no impossible levels, it’s amazing. The only two faults are that the levels start to repeat themselves and there is a bug. When you walk through two poles that are close together it glitches and the rope goes everywhere. Other from that it’s a great, fun game. Definitely suitable for children. Xx

Matt Watson: It’s so easy you can do it easily. I have finished this game and I’ve it’s made my life a bit easier and it calms me down. I love going around the little lines it’s so fun. you should definitely try it. the levels are so easy to finish I think everyone could beat this game. By Bë Watson you need to get the game!