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Download Robot Shark Mod Apk 2.6 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Robot Shark Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Robot Shark is a game in the role-playing action genre, shooting with extreme 3D graphics on the phone. When participating in Robot Shark, you will transform into a powerful shark robot except evil killers. Your responsibility is to hunt down the criminals who are hiding in the city and destroy them to keep order and safety for the city.

When you complete the mission set by the game, you will receive a reward amount corresponding to each level. The amount of bonus you will spend on upgrading your shark machine is getting stronger. It can be said that Robot Shark has a lot of difficult tasks and challenges, they require your level of patience to be able to complete. Therefore, the diverse skill system will support you a lot in the process of conquering the game screen.

If you have ever played through GTA, you will notice that Robot Shark’s gameplay is quite similar. But now, you are no longer the plundering criminal like in GTA, but you have become a hero except the destruction of evil of all humanity. Not only fighting on land like a true superhero, Robot Shark gives you the ability to swim and hunt for targets like wild sharks. This is the feature that makes the game unique.

Robot Shark owns a pretty terrible graphics background. So when playing, some weak machines may not be able to play, so you need to pay attention to adjust the graphics level to suit your device so that the playing process is not interrupted. The game is being developed by manufacturers, versions with new functions are constantly being updated, so you will never have to be bored when experiencing Robot Shark.

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Game Features

  • Open world: ocean area with island town ashore at your disposal. Explore depths or sun your irons on the beach.
  • Different enemies and quests on the seaside and under water. Don’t let police, military and bandits stop you!

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Reviews Of Game

Erica Tomlinson: This game is a great time to get when I first got it i thought you were just a shark transformer but there’s lots more transformers

Harley Sagaydoro: This is just really good! Anyone who see and play this game they will really want to. Anyway can you add more robots to exeed its perfectness

Jann Gabriel: I got so happy for 24 hours it’s so fun less of an annoying situation cause of less ads I Love it. I recommend this game for being awesome but I don’t get on how the robot goes to the hospital instead of a garage

Paul Webster: I love this game it’s so fun. And I also like how you can change robots. I think thats really cool and it’s how you can fight other robots and BOSSES in the map it’s so FUN!

Merrick Larco: Really nice game it dos not glitch that’s really good! Nice game all though can you put more robots in the game that who’d be great and make trucks in the game. Please that who’d be great thanks for the game

Joe Bruegge: I love the game and make remove the adds please also add customization so that you can color your robot skin and it will cost game money