Publisher 717 pixels,
Category Casual, Strategy,
Latest Version 1.0.128
Size 24MB
MOD Features No Ads
Requirements Android 5.0++
Updated On September 2, 2022
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Robot Colony Introduction

Robot colony Mod APK (No Ads) is a mix of strategy and simulation. Your goal is to manage the production and upgrades of autonomous robots that will gather resources, scout the area, build and repair bases, and protect the colony against giant bugs.


717 pixels released this game with the aim of satisfying players in different parts of the world. Players are loving this game, and it is rapidly gaining recognition on Google Play Store. Robot Colony currently has up to 100 thousand installs on Google Play Store, with the number increasing daily.

You need not worry about the content of this game, especially for your kids. Robot Colony was designed for everyone, and you can install it on your device and that of your kids. Download Robot Colony on your device now.

Read on to learn more, especially if you are curious about what makes the game super cool. The features it offers are jaw-dropping in an amazing way. This is a game to download without hesitation.

Robot-colony-Mod-APKRobot colony Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

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Main Features

Are you wondering what’s there to enjoy in this game? The first thing you’d notice after installing it is the cutting-edge graphics of the game. Robot Colony is clearly presented in simple but cool and crystal-clear graphics. With this, you can be confident of getting the best experience while playing the game.

Another interesting thing about the game is that you won’t have a hard time understanding it. This is because of its simple and intuitive controls, in addition to the user-friendly interface. A mix of these features makes it easier for players, including newbies, to play the game.

Robot Colony is undoubtedly an interesting game with amazing gameplay. Play this game on your mobile device to enjoy this gameplay. The game is simple and easy to understand. You’re to manage the production of autonomous robots in this game. This will also include the upgrades of these robots.

There are other responsibilities for you in this game, and you must complete these responsibilities. They include scouting areas to gather resources and to use the resources to repair and build bases. You’d also be tasked with the responsibility of protecting the robot colony against huge bugs. Do you have what it takes to complete these tasks?

Robot Colony Reviews

TheCyberSheep: This game has great potential but is impossible, even on the first level, even if you focus completely on building defenders. Some waves are so absurd. This needs fixing. Everything else is good. Edit: So I gave this game another shot, and I found out there is a difficulty setting! Easy is the best. Nothing else to criticise.

Joe Nisbet: The game is over all fun and challenging . I look forward to future updates with possibly more maps , heath bars and an increase in the different types of resources . As for some suggestions i think some sort of tech tree could really improve the game with upgraded ai’s for defending/attacking/building/gathering. I feel as though you need to be able to zoom in and out for better control over how much of the screen you see. Graphics are good but would be nicer with health bars for most entities.

James Mamakos (Kossa): A well made and challenging game. Used a few different tactics over time, such as leaving outer bases defender-less so that when they fall then all my defenders from base 1 swarm the bugs one-by-one to ensure maximum efficiency. I find traps more effective than turrets, but that may just be luck of the playthrough. I’ve managed to snowball in lvl4 to 2000+ bots, of which 1000 fighters and 600 defenders, and my growth has now outstripped the bugs! Fighters seem best only in large numbers.

Download Robot Colony APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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