Publisher Liang Haocheng,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 6.4
Size 94MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On January 15, 2022
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Relic Warrior 3D Introduction

Relic Warrior 3D MOD APK tells the story of a warrior. He is on a journey to find his missing sister. He is courageous, has faced many challenges and was able to overcome all the obstacles to his desire to reunite him with his best friend. Are you ready to go on this adventure with him? This game is available for download.

The story

Relic Warrior 3D MOD APK focuses on the quest to find Autelan’s lost sister. As the demon king escapes from hell with the demons, the world is in chaos. The demon king pursued his sister Shirley and took her hostage. Autelan was shocked to hear the news and ran to his sister in an attempt to defeat the demon king and regain the kingdom’s inherent peace.



Relic Warrior 3D MOD APK has a gameplay similar to MU Online. Explore a vast, dangerous world full of dangers and deadly challenges.

There is a plot system in the game. You will discover new content by completing a series missions. These NPCs provide the direction and guide the story. They will take you to new places and tell you about them. But you’ll need to help them defeat various monsters or locate the needed items.


Relic Warrior 3D’s characters are well-designed. He also has an indicator bar for MP and a health indicator. Special combat skills can deplete his MP. You will need to buy more MP to allow him to fight. Popular MP bottles are highly sought-after. These bottles can be purchased in shops or obtained from monsters who drop them after defeat.


Relic Warrior 3D MOD APK is a MMORPG with a lot of the same gameplay characteristics as the MMORPGs. Monsters can be seen everywhere, and attack whenever humans are detected. You can either run away from them or stop to eliminate the horde. You can defeat monsters to gain experience points and rare equipment.

There are many types of monsters in this game. When a character is at a higher level, they will have stronger types and more HP. In return they will bring more experience as well as higher-quality attribute equipment.

Bosses are also often seen on the map. They possess a massive body that deals high damage. These creatures can be identified by flashing lights in the map. You should also prepare a health-regeneration item with an upgraded armor and sword.

You can upgrade your weapons

The two most important pieces in equipment are armor and weapons. You can increase their level to 13. You can upgrade your backpack without needing to visit another NPC. This is a great way to save time and prepare for battle.


Relic-Warrior-3D-MOD-APK2Relic Warrior 3D MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Initially, the character only has one basic skill: auto-attack. As you progress through stories, the character will learn more skills and become more proficient.

Relic Warrior 3D MOD APK is an MMORPG where skill is crucial. This skill allows the character to unleash the full power and upgrade their equipment. The ability to use a powerful skill makes it easier and more efficient for the character to complete the task and help him/her get further along the path to defeat the demon king.


The game’s graphics are built on Unity Engine technology. The scenes and 3D objects in the game are detailed. When a character performs a special skill, magic light effects are added to make it even more eye-catching.

Relic Warrior 2D is highly regarded for its graphics. It feels real and works well even on low-end devices.

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Relic Warrior 3D Reviews

Michael Jun Afable: Great job fixing the language issue. I hope you will add Dark lord and Magic Gladiator, as well as maps and Blood castles.

Jerhay Panganiban: This is a great game.. I can still remember my childhood, but I updated the game and the goblin craftsman is now on chinese. I don’t get the chinese characters. How do I make items??

Demonhare Shinobi: I will now give you 100 stars. Your game is my favorite game. It is so much fun.

Truk TV: It’s a great game! This game reminds me of childhood. MU online game . However, you guys should improve your character class, wings and craft machines. Please add auto attack and auto picking up of items. Can you also put a combo attack for swordsman. Many thanks! More Main Quest please! Don’t judt dance with the sisters. Thanks! Is there a place where the loche feather can be found?

Octavian Curoșu: I enjoyed the game immensely, and I remember playing it in high school. My favorite Character was Magical Gladiator. Hope you can include him in the next game. This game was a lot of fun. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. P.s.:Hope you see Elf soon in your update. Please add Magic Gladiator as well.

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