Real Steel Boxing Champions Mod Apk

Real Steel Boxing Champions Mod Apk 2.5.118 (Unlimited Money)

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    Real Steel Boxing Champions
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    Unlimited Money
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    Android 4.2+

Introduction Game

Real Steel Boxing Champions Apk for Android – If you ever watched Rocky, then you have watched the best and the most famous boxing movie in the world. But have you ever watched Real Steel? In the movie’s universe, boxing has changed a lot, and the ones boxing aren’t humans anymore; they’re robots. Sounds exciting? If it does, then there’s a huge chance that you will enjoy the latest mobile game from Reliance Games: Real Steel World Robot Boxing.

In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, you will be using various robots to fight against fellow robots in the boxing ring. As of now there are a total of 24 robots divided into 4 tiers. Each tier represents the base strength of each robot;1st tier robots will have no chance against 2nd tier robots even when fully upgraded.

During fights you will be using a virtual controller on the bottom of the screen, with movement buttons and 4 other buttons, which are light attack, heavy attack, block, and special attack. Light and heavy attack buttons can be combined with movement buttons to change their attack, resulting in a total of 8 normal attacks and 1 special attack variation. This system is quite common in mobile fighting games, but the combat in this game is designed beautifully, and is very fluid and challenging.

tUvG1EA - Real Steel Boxing Champions 2.5.118 (Unlimited Money)Real Steel Boxing Champions APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Build your own empire. Experience the opportunity to hand-build robot warriors from over 100 disassemble parts of 17 types of robots; Use the head, torso, arms and legs to assemble the robots according to your ideas. In addition, players can also paint, transform the robot become more unique by equipping armor, weapons and naming robots.
  • Control the movements of the robot. Players can choose specific attack types for their robot, using optimal upgrades, steel punches and decisive blow to win.
  • Experience with the legends of Real Steel. Accompany with famous Real Steel legends such as Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy, Midas, Metro and Relive.
  • Prove your strength. Demonstrate bravery of the destroyer by conquering 20 battles, including 4 boss battles; overcome 30 super challenges; Defeat opponents with the shortest time in 96 time-limited battles and the opportunity to improve your combat skills through the Unlimited Free Sparring mode.

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Reviews Of Game

Reymond Dimalanta: Owow it’s just like the actual movie when I play it I feel like I’m on part of the. Movie sadly the movie didn’t have part 2 ☹️ but like it and by the way when I ripping my enemies some of their part is floating so 4star and fix it so you’ll have five from me

Eathen Patrick: I love this game but the thing I feel like that’s missing is the intro thing I mean I know that you can make it by record it but I feel like the intro guy inside the game should say it instead. Keep up the great job of making great games pleased

Gerhard Dirker: Truly love it. Sure making progress without any online perks and paying and stuff like that is a bit of a back pain, but that adds to the fun and the challenge. Graphics are good and the average fps is quite manageable on a decent mobile device. Overall, a great job. There is room for improvement, but nothing major at the moment I’ve noticed now.