Rally Racer Dirt Mod Apk

Download Rally Racer Dirt Mod Apk 2.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Rally Racer Dirt APK for Android is an adventure racing game with many game modes, epic “degree” garage and “quality” racing system, will definitely give you unpredictable speed experience. impressive.

Join Rally Racer Dirt, players will be faced with a series of extreme challenges such as high hills, hot deserts, endless endless paths arranged full of obstacles or racing in many weather conditions. . other pole.

To become a hero, you must prove your ability and bravery, maximum speed from the starting point, otherwise, your opponent will surpass you extremely spectacularly.

The game Rally Racer Dirt wears a relatively “bright” interface because it is made up of many dark colors, but thanks to that, it reflects the atmosphere of the track full of “dust” and fire. .

In Rally Racer Dirt for Android players will feel the unexpected realism from two buttons to control the speed on the screen, the satellite camera to track the route, the fuel meter, the timer. , the sound of engines screeching on the pavement as the wind blows through the uphill, countless other spectacular races.

zNImxu2 - Rally Racer Dirt 2.0.2 (Unlimited Money)Rally Racer Dirt APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Realtime Multiplayer Mode
  • 12 Different rally cars,
  • Tunable cars with adjustable suspension, anti roll bar, ride height and gearbox ratios.
  • Upgradable cars and drive properties.
  • 5 Different tuned and enjoyable tracks,
  • Tracks has multiple ground surfaces tarmac, gravel, grass effects grip, drifting and vehicle physics.
  • Carefully tuned car physics and controls.
  • 3 main game modes to play: Challenge mode, Survival mode, and Realtime Multiplayer mode.

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Reviews Of Game

Syed Ali Raza: Still understand. So far I love it! Physics is special. On the tarmac Even on dirt road, I felt like the car was floating around and a lot of bends in the corners. Editor; I realized that you can set the car up and once you get it right, the car will handle well even on dirt. Though sometimes, the game play feels a bit laggy. The sound is awful, especially on replay, hopefully you will fix that. But it’s a good and entertaining game!

Calum Brown: Absolutely love this game. Was hooked immediately. There are only 3 things I feel that could make it better. One if there are multiple stages instead of circuit. Two if the car makes a noise they will be lifelike or closer to it instead of the same noise regardless of the car and three if it’s a bit lighter in the dark and the tunnel.

Driftmaniac: This game is perfect in every way. I love it .. Tracks, Car Settings, Car Upgrades .. & for me. The best part is: – Once set up, in the Home screen, I really see how my car will roll. It’s awesome I don’t need to Start the Game and try it. Then tuning I can only see in Menu and adjust. Wow!

GamingLance: Honest rating: after revamping entire game. I like it a lot as well as the physics goes really well. But not sure if I was bad or just feeling bad for me but the overall graphics have changed really well. Hopefully we can adjust them and add new maps if possible. It has even better potential!

Sakhumzi Titana: This one is just better than most of the racing games that really gives you that feeling of gathering. If they could make a better and unchanged version of the drive physics. I will be one of the first to play that game.